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We call on the U.S. President and Congress to suspend all military and foreign aid, including loans and grants, to Israel until Israel withdraws from the Occupied Territories, dismantles the separation wall in the Occupied West Bank including East Jerusalem, ends its siege of Gaza and dismantles settler colonies and systemic apartheid toward its non-Jewish citizens.

Join fellow Philly Greens at a rally for Gaza this Saturday, October 21.  Greens will meet at 5:00 p.m. at Levy Park, the NW corner of 16th and Arch in Philadelphia.  We will walk from there to the rally at City Hall.  Look out for others being seen being Green; let's march together!

As Green Party candidates and activists, we have a role as an opposition party to educate ourselves and our communities on issues related to Islamophobia, racism, sexism and gender-identity and to prioritize work to support the struggles of the most vulnerable and marginalized in our communities. We must make an active contribution to the work of defending the human rights of our neighbors. We can build enduring alliances by engaging with the political crisis now present in this country.

The Baltimore City Green Party has published its nomination process for local candidates in 2024 elections, including Mayor and City Council. In addition, the Maryland Green Party has published its nomination process for federal candidates in 2024 elections, including the U.S. Senate and all Maryland U.S. House races, which includes the 7th and 2nd Districts within Baltimore City. 

The Green Party of the United States condemns the targeted attacks on civilians in the recent wave of violence in Gaza and Israel. We call for an immediate ceasefire, an immediate end to the invasion and occupation of Gaza, and a halt to all military and foreign aid to Israel. We urge our government to join with the U.N. to secure Israel's complete withdrawal to, at least, the 1967 boundaries in compliance with international law.


ALBANY, NY – Calling Gov. Hochul’s denouncement of a Palestinian solidarity rally an act of political hypocrisy and cowardice, the Green Party of New York reaffirmed its commitment to the end of the occupation of Palestine. Green officers stated that oppressed peoples like the Palestinians living under occupation regimes had a right to resistance, and that the conditions of the occupation in Gaza border on genocidal. Greens also noted Hochul’s willingness in the last year and a half to support Ukrainian resistance to Russian occupation alongside her sanctimonious denouncement of Palestinian resistance against the Israeli apartheid state. 


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party's Coordinated Campaign Committee has released a briefing paper titled "Islamophobia: Another Social Construction of Racism". The paper is a guide for use by Green candidates and activists.

"We are very pleased indeed to offer this new tool for Green Party candidates and activists," said Hillary Kane, co-chair of the committee. "We want to help Green Party activists be effective organizers in resistance to the frightening Islamophobic rhetoric and policies coming from the current administration."

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