Highlights from the 2015 Annual National Meeting

A Presidential Candidates forum was held on Friday evening. The participants were Darryl Cherney from California, Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry from California, Bill Kreml from South Carolina, Kent Mesplay from California and Jill Stein from Massachusetts. Video from the from is available at the Green Party's Livestream channel.

Saturday, on a sweltering afternoon, a #BlackLivesMatter rally has held in Ferguson, across the street from the Ferguson Police Department.

The creation of the Latinx Caucus has been approved the National Committee.

Tamar Yager, Andrea Merida have been re-elected to the Steering Committee (SC). Bahram Zandi and Sanda Everette were also elected to the SC. Jan Martell was elected as Secretary.