Hawkins for President supports renaming Columbus Day Indigenous Peoples Day

Commits to honoring treaty with Native Americans, end discrimination and use of violence Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for President, said that he would redress past and ongoing injustices against Indigenous people by honoring treaties, renaming the federal Columbus Day holiday as Indigenous People’s Day, and ending the systemic discrimination against Indigenous people. Continue reading

What COVID means on Indigenous Peoples' Day

It is important to look out for one another. I learned this both as part of my mixed heritage, and from the Stone-Age people I grew up with. Especially in times of stress, it is important for those who have food to share with those who have not. This time of COVID-19 has been especially stressful for Native Americans, who have already endured much. I recently lost my Dine (Navajo) friend, brother, and advisor, Edmund Ciccarello. He was a leader in the Native American Church. He is a buddy I deeply miss. Ed and I shared long talks about how to help the tribes get along better, to find that sacred space of commonality, and to work towards uniting the rest of humanity. Continue reading