Marcus Sutphin

Green Candidate for Virginia House of Delegates, 59th District

Marcus-Sutphin.jpgA Campbell County native, Marcus Sutphin has operated a small business of his own for 21 years. He has been married for 22 years, and has two grown children. In addition to running a small business, Marcus earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, has served as a foster parent and volunteered with CASA. He is Co-Chair and State Representative for the Lynchburg Green Party. He loves to fish and enjoys learning. Marcus is not an extrovert, but loves his country and believes in a better future for all Americans, especially his home State of Virginia.

Marcus spent much of his youth in the Baptist church, and though not a regular church-goer, still maintains values that many of our political leaders have lost sight of. These include feeding the hungry, and caring for our sick and elderly. In addition, Marcus believes that the best way to help people is by providing opportunities for them to help themselves. This means that as a society, we must put our efforts into education and the creation of living wage jobs.

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