There's No Freedom In Silence: Stand Up, Speak Out!

Join the Missouri Green Party for a program calling for solidarity with the African People's Socialist Party against the military-style FBI attacks, economic sanctions, and bogus charges of being "Russian agents." Hear how the Uhuru Movement is being targeted by the U.S. government, why it is imperative that the Green Party and other freedom-loving people defend the right to free speech of all those persecuted, from the "Uhuru 3" to Cop-City protesters and Julian Assange- and how we can take action in this historic fight.

Schedule Speakers

Akile Anai
African People's Socialist Party, Director of Agit/Prop

Lisa Davis
Black is Back Coalition, Vice-Chair

Len Demmer
Uhuru Solidarity Movement, National Membership Chair

Let's join the Black People's March on the White House on November 4, 2023, In Washington D.C. with the demanas "Hands Off Uhuru! Drop the charges against the "Uhuru 3"! and all those persecuted for insisting on their First Amendment right.

Attend a Reparation Event this October in Oakland CA. Louisville. KY, Tacoma, WA, St. Pete, FL, or St. Louis, MO/National UsM conterence

Additional Information:

Standing with the Uhuru Movement in the Bronx:  May 2, 2023

US Violence – Where Does it Originate?: February 1, 2023

The Long Road of US Repression: January 17, 2023

Two barrels aim at African People's Socialist Party: December 27, 2022



  • October 04, 2023 at 7:30pm – 10:30pm
  • MIssouri Green Party

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