Tim Runkle

Tim-Runkle.jpgGreen Party Candidate for Elizabethtown Borough Council

Timothy Runkle is chairman of the Lancaster County Green Party. He serves as a county delegate to the Green Party of Pennsylvania and works in many state and regional committees for party outreach.

He has set roots in Elizabethtown after earning his B.S. in Geology from Millersville University. For the past 10 years, he has successfully managed environmental remediation projects in the PA, NJ, and NY area. These projects involve complex environmental conditions which require a firm handle of regulatory, business, and stakeholder knowledge.

Timothy believes that local government must be good stewards of the land who understand the needs of the people.

Everyone has the ability to be a leader in their community. As family, friends, and neighbors we are responsible for the direction which our community will be lead. There is no better time than now to be present for our future. As a council member I will be driven by the following principles.

Community-Based Economics
Promote and develop economic activities and institutions that are accountable to the community.

Future Focus and Sustainability
Actions and policies that are motivated by long-term goals. Focus on the quality of all lives rather than open-ended economic growth.

Ecological Wisdom
Utilization of our resources in a way that future generations will benefit and not be harmed from the practices of today.

Respect for Diversity
Value cultural, ethnic, racial, sexual, religious and spiritual diversity and promote the development of respectful relationships.

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