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Join us for Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) Petitioning training!

Every other Wednesday via Zoom.
7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

The Arizona Green Party is ballot-qualified, and state law requires it to nominate by primary. There are three individuals seeking the Green Party nomination for U.S. Senate whom the Green Party believes are not sincere supporters of the party. One is believed to be sympathetic to the Republican Party. He is believed to be motivated by a desire to injure the eventual Democratic nominee.

Another sham candidate is believed to be sympathetic to the Democratic Party, and if he gets the Green nomination, he will withdraw.

  • Tuesday, March 26th Petitioning Starts

The Illinois Green Party is still considered a "New Party" for almost all the races in Illinois. March 26, 2024 is the First Day to Petition! We have an UPHILL BATTLE to collect physical signatures.

The Maryland Green Party has endorsed the Ballot Petition Modernization Act, introduced this year as House Bill 1109 and Senate Bill 1029. 

Click here to add your personal signature in support of the bills, which will be heard in committee this week and next week in Annapolis. 

The Green Party of Hawai'i (GPH) has had a ballot line in Hawai'i since 1992. This year we/GPH had to once again petition the State of Hawai'i to have a ballot line. The deadline is Thursday 22 February 2024 @ 4:30 p.m. HST.

The State of Hawai'i Office of Elections informed the GPH on 15 February that the sufficient, verified signatures of currently registered voters in the State of Hawai'i has been met!

This month has been cold and snowy throughout Maryland, but the Maryland Green Party is looking forward to spring and making plans for campaigning during 2024, a critical election year. We are once again forced by state law to collect 10,000 signatures to regain ballot status and run candidates for office. 

Can you contribute today to our ballot access fundraising drive?

Both the Libertarian Party and the Green Party are circulating independent presidential petitions in Ohio. Because neither party has yet chosen national nominees, each is using stand-ins on the petitions. Ohio law explicitly allows stand-ins, who will resign from the ticket when the actual nominees are known.

The Libertarian petition now carries the names of Tricia Sprankle for president and Ken Moellman for vice-president.

  • The Green Party of Utah will appear on the ballot in 2024 and 2026

When Utahns receive their ballots for the 2024 and 2026 elections, they’ll see an additional party on there: The Green Party.

The Green Party of Utah announced in a press release that the party received notification from the Utah Lieutenant Governor’s Office that it achieved ballot access. To achieve ballot access, 2,000 registered voter signatures were required.

The Arizona Green Party will be able to run candidates on the ballot once again for the 2024 and 2026 election cycles. 

Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes announced last week that the party met the signature requirement to qualify after losing their party status in 2019.

12.22.23 Salt Lake City – The Green Party of Utah (GPUT) received notification from the Utah Lieutenant Governor’s Office on December 21, 2023, that the threshold of 2,000 registered voter signatures was met to gain ballot access as a recognized political party in Utah.

"We are thrilled to hear this news, and believe this is a step forward for democracy in Utah as we offer voters not just more choices, but better choices than those presented by the political duopoly of the Democratic and Republican parties," stated Dee Taylor, Interim Chair of the GPUT. "This represents the better part of about six month's worth of work during which we have had earnest conversations about Utah's choices with many voters in our state who are very eager for change."

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