Delegation Reporters

THANK YOU to the dozens of Delegation Reporters and Alternate Reporters attended one (or both) of our two training calls.

If you were unable to attend, or want to review, please click and watch the link to a recording of last night's session: Apologies again that my internet kept going out and my audio was rough but the "tech" parts were well covered by Michael O'Neil. 

If you have any questions about Zoom as relates to your role as Delegation Reporter, please email [email protected] wth "Zoom Help Needed for Delegation Reporter" in the subject header. We will do our best to have someone help you.


Here is the Folder of Zoom Virtual Backgrounds With Logos: please look for your state or caucus — new backgrounds have been added from recent logo submissions. If it is not there, that means we were unable to track down your logo. Please try using the backgrounds labeled "no box" for a generic but still-great-looking background!

We ask you to download your background, add it to your Zoom app and test it in Zoom before Saturday. Michael gives an excellent presentation on how to do that in the training video and Zoom also has tutorials on their site as well.

You can improve the display of your virtual background by hanging a plain sheet on the wall behind you. That great "pro-tip" was shared by Laura Palmer from TX! Any lighting should ideally be in front of you, not behind.

Ensuring your outfit contrasts against your physical background will also help the display of your virtual background. Also, be sure that what you’re wearing doesn’t blend too much in with the virtual background as it will appear behind you. (E.g. if you’re going to use a the “green” version of your delegation’s background, wear an outfit that stands out nicely against that shade of green)

If you just can't make the virtual background work, then please just be mindful of what will be seen on the video behind you -- plants, Green Party signs and paraphernalia are great!


If you have not already, please fill out this Delegation Reporter form ASAP.

We have to know in advance who your Delegation Reporter and Alternate Reporter will be so that we can have them set up in our system. We need all Delegation Reporters to understand the process in the Zoom webinar of how they will be able to speak (ie - what happens when they are made a panelist for a short while, as they wait on the stack for their State or Caucus name to be called, etc).

As discussed, each Delegation Reporter will receive a maximum of ONE MINUTE to "...accurately reporting vote totals from their state within the allowed time limit set by the Election Administrator...." as per 5-4.2(b).

We encourage you to share an interesting piece of history about your State or Caucus as we heard in some samples during the training BUT it is not required. You absolutely DO need to announce your delegation vote totals before the 60 seconds are up or else they will not be recorded!


In order for your Delegation Reporter to be able to give a report during roll call we must be able to find your reporter in the Zoom Webinar Participants list.

For that reason, when they join the convention Zoom Webinar on Saturday they must include the following when they enter their name to join the Webinar:

  1. Their FULL NAME as they submitted it for Delegate Credentials
  2. The name of their STATE or CAUCUS (e.g. Arkansas or “Women’s Caucus”)

For example: “Jane Doe (Massachusetts, Delegation Reporter)”

You’ll note this is the same convention we have asked people to name themselves in Loomio, with the exception that you are specifying you are the DELEGATION REPORTER as opposed to just “Delegate”.

Note: while we have asked everyone to provide the contact information for an alternate, we want ONLY the person giving the report to name themselves as the DELEGATION REPORTER on Saturday, thank you!

"CHECK IN" on Saturday, July 11th between 11am-noon eastern

As people check in on Loomio on Saturday morning prior to our noon eastern start time, their names will appear in a list for all to see. The list will not be alphabetical or sorted by State/Caucus but you can see if your delegation has checked in. If they are not, please gently nudge them to get online and check in! We went over the best way to do this (pro tip: try the Control F / Ctrl+F function) and suggest that if you have a large delegation you may want to ask for help. 

We have produced a short video so you can see the Check In process. Please share with your delegation!



We do ask that every Delegation Reporter has the capability of being both seen (video) and heard (audio)! If you are not able to do that, please let us know that your Alternate will be taking your place.

We will need to make you a "panelist" for a short while just before it is your turn to report (we go over this in training). You will need to make sure your audio is on, and your video is on -- ideally with one of our Zoom backgrounds if you were able to upload. We recommend your camera is at eye-level and that if you are using a smartphone or tablet, that you have it horizontal/landscape in order to get the best visual.



There are several times when Delegates will use Loomio. The first is when they check in. Then there is a presentation and vote to approve the Credentialing Report. The report as presented or amended must receive a majority vote before we can move forward with the rest of the agenda. 


After we are able to approve a Credentialing Report, there is then a presentation and vote on the Platform, in Loomio.


This is where you come in! Your Delegates do not have to cast their votes on Loomio before the Roll Call but as Delegation Reporter you are required to, "...accurately reporting vote totals from their state within the allowed time limit set by the Election Administrator...." as per 5-4.2(b) within one minute -- so be sure to practice! 

Section 5-5 Enforcement of State Instructions Shall be a State Matter


If no candidate receives a majority of voters after the Roll Call, we may need multiple rounds of voting for our presidential nominee. States and Caucuses will be given time to consult. As we have previously emailed, it will be up to each State/Caucus to determine the best way to consult with their delegates during these breakout sessions. 

After those breakouts, Delegates will then be given time to cast their votes on Loomio. Only candidates who have submitted their "intent to accept the nomination" to the Election Administrator by the noon ET deadline on Thursday, July 9th, as per section 5-10.5(a) of the convention rules can be placed on a second & subsequent round ballot.


After a presidential candidate has received a majority, Delegates will need to approve their choice of vice presidential running mate. This is typically done through a show of hands at an in-person convention. Our "virtual show of hands" will be done using Loomio. Hopefully, we will all be adept at voting on Loomio at that point, so we can quickly move to the nomination speeches. 


We will use Loomio if there are any other votes needed. Loomio's results are visible to everyone on Loomio -- as you were able to see when Michael screen-shared our first mock election. 


After one presidential candidate has received a majority, Delegates will need to approve their choice of vice presidential running mate. This is typically done through a show of hands at an in-person convention. Our "virtual show of hands" will be done using Loomio.


IF we do need multiple rounds of voting for our presidential nominee, then States and Caucuses will be given time to consult. It will be up to each State/Caucus to determine the best way to consult with their delegates during these breakout sessions. We have mentioned this in a few email updates, but time is getting short so we wanted to ask you to please let us know your plans! Let us know here.

As you can see from above, we need your help to make the convention a success and flow smoothly. 

Sincerely, and with our gratitude, 

The PNC Team