2004 Nomination Process

Presidential Candidate Nomination Process

Final Delegate Vote Results
Two rounds of voting at the convention

Presidential Candidates in Green Party Primaries

Final Voting Results
Second round: Cobb 408, No Nominee 308, Mesplay 43, Beeman (late entry) 8, abstain 3
First Round: Cobb 308 (385 needed), Nader 117.5, Camejo 118.5, No Nominee 74.5, Mesplay 23.5, Salzman 40, Miller 9.5, NOTA (None of the Above) 35.5.

Candidate  [Delegates: 1st Choice]
Totals prior to the convention

Peter Camejo: 114.5

David Cobb: 240.5

Paul Glover: 5

Kent Mesplay: 10

Carol Miller: 6.5

Ralph Nader: 64.5

Lorna Salzman: 30

Other: 13

None of the Above: 88.5

Uncommitted: 173.5

Updated 06.20.04
Ralph Nader has withdrawn his name from consideration as the Green Party nominee. However, Mr. Nader has indicated that he would welcome the endorsement of the Green Party of the United States.

The views and policy positions expressed by the candidates may not be those of other Greens nor do they necessarily reflect the views expressed in the Green Party Platform.