We endorse Stein / Baraka


My name is Ray McGovern.

I was an Army officer and then a CIA analyst for 27 years. My career began under John Kennedy and ended under George H.W. Bush.

In the 70s I was chief of the Soviet Foreign Policy Branch and chaired National Intelligence Estimates. Later I briefed The President’s Daily Brief one-on-one from 1981 to 1985.

4Ih94SXjWNCgesDb_kRVYp-FKrKYscMwDN5paT_HM4CETFLu9nJcyDNTvklt8mLDLk07DxGGi_BYMbHQt_oRzlrFYWJn4Wf5jyx28IUmYuL6pwhb4fSH-Q6yknnbe5WIkLQbOkE0sTuRrtabqBmqCJN3hY2hAcn5DDvjdRQASqQ4_s0-d-e1-ft.jpgThis is an election where the American people are sickened by voting for either an insolent billionaire or someone who serves billionaires.

Your vote for the Green Party will shake the political system to its core.

A vote for the Green Party will break the stagnation of the corporatist two-party duopoly.

Our nation and our planet cannot withstand more "Lesser Evils".

Americans are frustrated that there is...

no way to vote against Goldman Sachs,
no way to vote against more war,
no way to vote against more fracking,
no way to vote for more militarized police


I've been scolded by friends and strangers, sometimes mildly and sometimes with disdain, for supporting Jill Stein in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Some of the attacks I've received publicly and privately have been surprisingly angry and patronizing. I've been told that I'm a patsy for Donald Trump, that I'm naïve, misinformed, elitist, ignorant, and worse.


Kshama Sawant, spokesperson for Socialist Alternative, supports Jill Stein for president because of her stand for the 99 percent.


My name is Marc Lamont Hill and you've probably seen me on CNN, BET, and VH1, as well as other media outlets. I'm a Morehouse College professor and a lifelong activist.

I've been a Green Party supporter for over a decade.

And today, right now, I am giving my wholehearted endorsement to Jill Stein.


This is Patch Adams. Maybe you remember the film about my life in the 90s starring Robin Williams.

I'm coming to you today in my capacity as a physician.

The media acts like there are only two people running for president.


I've been waiting for any indication that Hillary Clinton's position on the issues that are most urgent to me, has changed. But ...

She does not support the $15 minimum wage.

She shows no support for legalizing marijuana.

She supports TPP.


Over the last 15 years, following my return to the United States after two decades as a foreign correspondent, I have written eleven books on American culture and society.


Amazing. That one word says it all if you've been to the rallies I've been to, or seen the impressive and diverse list of names who are supporting Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka.

They are amazing in their compassion and amazing in the hope they bring. This is real people power. Jill and Ajamu represent a tremendous joining together of compassionate people under the banner of the Green Party in the race for the White House.


A long and deep legacy of white supremacy has always arrested the development of US democracy. We either hit it head on, or it comes back to haunt us. That’s why a few of us have pressed the president for seven years not to ignore issues of poverty, police abuse and mass unemployment. Barack Obama said it very well, following the shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, that some communities “have been forgotten by all of us”.

And now – in Dallas, Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights and beyond – this legacy has comes back to haunt the whole country.

The above have endorsed Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka.

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