2024 Candidates

LA County Green Dan Kapelovitz for District Attorney

Dan Kapelovitz is a criminal defense attorney. His firm also represents animal rights activists pro bono when they are charged with crimes related to their working to help animals, according to his website. Kapelovitz has taught at the Peoples College of Law and was once a volunteer at the California Innocence Project. Previously, he was the features editor of Hustler magazine. What needs to change in the D.A.’s office: Continue reading

Chase Linko-Looper: Filed to run for West Virginia Governor

I am excited to announce that today, I officially filed to run for governor of our great state under the Mountain Party ticket. I am humbled by the support and encouragement I have received from members of our community who believe in my vision for a better West Virginia. However, as I paid the filing fee of just shy of $1,900, I couldn't help but think about how classist this system is. It is a clear indication that only those who are financially well-off can afford to run for office. This is not just a problem in our state, but in the entire country. It is a barrier that prevents ordinary citizens, especially those from marginalized communities, from participating in the democratic process. Continue reading

Jason Call: It’s time to cut the Pentagon budget

While Congress is still dithering around, waiting for Republicans to get their act together long enough to fund the budget for the current year, the Biden White House is already finalizing their proposal for next year’s budget. And you can bet there will be another fat raise for the Pentagon baked right in. Continue reading

Eddie Espinoza for Railroad Commissioner

Why vote for Eddie Espinoza and the Green Party? A vote for Eddie Espinoza for Railroad Commissioner is a vote to clean up the messes caused by fossil fuel extraction, phase out fossil fuels, protect fresh water, and move Texas toward affordable energy independence. This will happen by rapidly transitioning to 100% renewable energy. Continue reading

Michael Dublin is running for Congress in North Carolina

North Carolina is changing fast and not in the ways that serve all Carolinians. As we evolve and thrive across this state, I want to be sure that the rural areas, the workers, the marginalized and the poor are included. Did you know that in Wake County the largest block of voters are the unaffiliated voters? That tells me that many of you are searching for real, concrete, honest options. Help me put the focus back on you and your needs. To me, all voices matter, all experiences matter, all your hopes and dreams matter, all families matter, all lives matter, you matter. Continue reading

Permanent Ceasefire in Gaza, Now!

Photo: Sean Dougherty with protesters. My name is Sean Dougherty and I’m running for Congress against Jimmy Panetta. I call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza. There is no military solution. The slaughter of the people of Gaza will accomplish nothing but the creation of more militants and thousands more dead children. Continue reading

Jason Call: House Republicans are about to get their wish

I’m taking a pause on talking about international policy for a moment to talk about something alarming happening right here at home. House Republicans are quietly drafting legislation that would let a small batch of lawmakers completely destroy Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid using closed-door committee meetings, totally out of sight of the American people. Continue reading

Elect Orlando Johnson for Alameda County Council

Building Leadership And Community Knowledge Orlando Johnson is an Oakland native who is currently a member of for over 23yrs Oakland Community Action network, a member of Oakland Green Party, a member of Alameda County Council Green Party, a member of the Green Party of the United States Credential Committee. This video intent, is to education those who want to learn and understand the political process, and follow on the road of a Green Party members / community activist and our journey Continue reading

End the war on Gaza

We are now one month into Israel’s unrelenting bombardment of Gaza. Over 10,000 Palestinians are dead. More are missing under the rubble. Nearly half of them are children. More children have been killed in Gaza than the number killed in all armed conflicts globally over an entire year – for the last three years. And it’s happening on our watch. With our tax dollars. Continue reading

Ceasefire in Gaza

Many of us, including most working on this campaign, are embroiled in heated debate over the situation in Gaza. This campaign advocates that, regardless of our differences, we should all agree that the killing of civilians must come to an immediate end. Further, we should work in unity to pressure our own government to use its power to enact a ceasefire and an end to all forms of collective punishment. Continue reading