2024 Candidates

Boeing Whistleblower: “This is a criminal cover up”

I told you that a much-needed reckoning is coming for the world’s largest aerospace company. We are one step closer to that after another Boeing whistleblower bluntly testified before Congress this week: “This is a criminal cover up.” Continue reading

Green Party of NJ welcomes to the “GREEN 13” candidate slate Robin Brownfield in CD-1 and Ben Taylor in CD-9!

Robin Brownfield is a well known artist & activist in South Jersey. She’s been an ally for those running to bring forward change in Jersey machine politics. She supports many issues including ending funding to Israel, calling for a ceasefire against Palestinians, enacting Medicare for all and a real green new deal. Continue reading

Green Party of New Jersey Candidate for US Senate Says: Climate Change is Real!

“Now that I have your attention,” said Christina Khalil, Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in New Jersey, “let me tell you why we should all be worried about the climate crisis and why the climate crisis is real.” The day after a 4.8 earthquake and its multiple aftershocks hit New Jersey, many extreme right-wing skeptics took issue with Christina’s Khalil’s statement that “The climate crisis is real.” Christina also wondered out loud why there appeared to be more earthquakes in New Jersey than in the past. Continue reading

Marnie for Real Change

I have called Portland home since 1992, and if I've learned one truth about Portlanders it's this: We are creative and independent people. We take care of our neighbors, lift each other up, and love our time outdoors. But that doesn't mean things are always easy. Our city is in a downward spiral. Housing is too damn expensive. Houselessness is endemic. We don't have a strong safety net for people who are struggling, and people don't feel safe. We are better than this. Continue reading

Julian Assange and the fight for our collective freedom

Julian Assange, the world’s most prominent political prisoner, is still fighting for his life. And it’s our collective freedom that hangs on his fate. This morning, the high court in the U.K., where Assange has been incarcerated for 12 years, issued a new order related to his pending extradition to the U.S. Julian was granted the right to a new trial IF and only if the U.S. government cannot give so-called “satisfactory assurances” about how his case will be handled. Continue reading

Cody Hannah's Statement on Governor's Veto of HB2570

I am deeply disappointed but sadly not surprised about Governor Hobbs' veto of HB2570, the "Arizona Starter Homes Act™." With her veto of this bill, Governor Katie Hobbs has shown that her allegiance lies with corporations, landlords, and wealthy NIMBYs over working class Arizonans and their families for whom affordable #housing is in short supply and economically unattainable. Continue reading

Joshua Bradley for Raleigh City Council at Large

Joshua Bradley is running for Raleigh City Council At-Large in 2024 because he believes that working class people should have a seat at the table. He believes in the power of a city government that is focused on meeting the needs of all of its residents, particularly working people who deserve access to well paying jobs, affordable housing, and a voice in their city government. Join our campaign as we strive for a Raleigh for all, one that is community driven and committed to its workers! Continue reading

Rachel Braaten For Mayor

Rachel Braaten is running for Mayor of Crystal, Minnesota. Rachel has had training through the Mississippi National River and Recreational Area in how to lead habitat restoration groups, and as a member of the Environmental Quality Commission, hosted the Volunteer Habitat Restoration Program in 2022 in Bassett Creek Park, and in 2023 in Hagemeister Pond Nature Area. Through Rachel's efforts, the Volunteer Habitat Restoration Program has received funding through Hennepin County and also from the Minnesota Women of Today Foundation. From these grants, thousands of dollars have been allocated toward tools and consultation with a habitat restoration specialist, for all of Crystal's nature areas. Continue reading

Cody Hannah: Arizona belongs to all of us

As a young, working class, LGBTQIA+ student and activist who is running for office outside of the two major parties, Cody Hannah has never shied away from an uphill battle. Cody is a committed advocate for people, planet, and peace, and he is ready to both work with and stand against the Democrats and Republicans in the AZ Legislature in order to fight for the needs of working class Arizonans and our environment. Continue reading

People and Planet will be first with Michael Dublin

I am Michael Dublin, husband, father, teacher and Green Party candidate for US House, District 2. Even if you are not in my district, I have an important message for you.  My opponent in District 2 is Deborah Ross. Although 70% of the residents of District 2 want a ceasefire in Palestine, Ross will not support such a resolution in Congress. This is because like most of Congress, she is afraid of AIPAC, the American-Israeli Political Action Committee. AIPAC should be registered as an agent of a foreign government, but gets away with its heavy-handed influence on elections because the US government won’t publicly identify the committee’s biases, which are detrimental to the people of the United States.  Continue reading