2024 Candidates

Green Party candidate calls for fresh leadership in the 19th District

On March 5, voters across parts of three counties will choose from among Panetta, Green Party candidate Sean Dougherty, and Republican Jason Anderson for their congressional representative. The primary candidates who receive the highest and second-highest number of votes will advance to the general election in November. Dougherty told New Times on Feb. 26 that he decided to run last July after facing difficulties trying to communicate with Panetta. Continue reading

Zachary Kontra for Holbrook Select Board

Well, it's official! I am now on the ballot for Select Board in Holbrook for 2024. Thank you so much to everyone who signed my nomination papers, and all my volunteers who helped get us on the ballot. Now the real work begins for the upcoming campaign. I am excited about the future for our town and with your support, we can make real progress on the issues that matter most to our residents. Continue reading

Will TX railroad commissioner candidates make natural gas companies more transparent?

The Jan. 8 explosion at the Sandman Signature Hotel in downtown Fort Worth left 21 injured — some critically with severe burns and traumatic brain injuries — and sparked questions into the safety and modernity of the city’s natural gas infrastructure. Gas distributor Atmos Energy announced in the days following the blast that its gas lines and equipment did not cause the explosion. Gas is believed to have been the likely cause of the explosion, according to Fort Worth officials, and several plaintiffs in lawsuits filed in its aftermath have said they smelled gas on the day of the explosion. Atmos has been named as a defendant in several of those lawsuits. Continue reading

Thanks to the Protesters who shut down Fayetteville Street

Hey Y'all! Michael Dublin here. I want to give big props to JVP and other protesters who shut down a Raleigh street in an effort to get the incumbent US Representative, Deborah Ross, to ask for a Congressional cease-fire resolution to stop the slaughter of Palestinians by Zionist Israeli Forces. Continue reading

Panetta Receives AIPAC Windfall

On January 23rd Panetta signed onto an open letter to Secretary Blinken that attacked South Africa’s genocide case against Israel before the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The letter called the case “unfounded,” “defamatory,” and “an act of hostility.” Three days later, the ICJ’s preliminary ruling found South Africa’s accusations of genocide plausible and ordered Israel to take several immediate measures to ensure the safety of Palestinians. Continue reading

Shannel Pittman For State Assembly 52

Shannel Pittman has lived in Los Angeles her entire life. She is sick of the fact that the Democratic Party isn’t fighting for the policies she believes we deserve. She believes that in California, we need Universal Healthcare, Housing as a Human Right, Free and Fast Transit, and Eco-Socialism. Continue reading

Meet the Green Party candidate for U.S. Congress, Sean Dougherty

Dave Congalton's Hometown Radio interviews Sean Dougherty and Peggy Koteen Hometown Radio San Luis Obispo, CaFebruary 14, 2024

LA County Green Dan Kapelovitz for District Attorney

Dan Kapelovitz is a criminal defense attorney. His firm also represents animal rights activists pro bono when they are charged with crimes related to their working to help animals, according to his website. Kapelovitz has taught at the Peoples College of Law and was once a volunteer at the California Innocence Project. Previously, he was the features editor of Hustler magazine. What needs to change in the D.A.’s office: Continue reading

Chase Linko-Looper: Filed to run for West Virginia Governor

I am excited to announce that today, I officially filed to run for governor of our great state under the Mountain Party ticket. I am humbled by the support and encouragement I have received from members of our community who believe in my vision for a better West Virginia. However, as I paid the filing fee of just shy of $1,900, I couldn't help but think about how classist this system is. It is a clear indication that only those who are financially well-off can afford to run for office. This is not just a problem in our state, but in the entire country. It is a barrier that prevents ordinary citizens, especially those from marginalized communities, from participating in the democratic process. Continue reading

Jason Call: It’s time to cut the Pentagon budget

While Congress is still dithering around, waiting for Republicans to get their act together long enough to fund the budget for the current year, the Biden White House is already finalizing their proposal for next year’s budget. And you can bet there will be another fat raise for the Pentagon baked right in. Continue reading