2021 Election Results

Below are noteworthy Green Party candidates currently running for office.
For a more complete list of current candidates, please visit the Green Party Elections Database.

What I've learned

Here’s what I’ve learned, in a nutshell, condensed down to the pithiest summation I can muster: Running for public office is a pain. It’s time-consuming, expensive, and downright scary. Also, everyone should do it at least once. Continue reading

How grateful I am

As you can imagine, I have a wide range of thoughts and feelings about last week’s local election in Minneapolis. I am understandably disappointed with some of the results, including the fact that I was not reelected to represent the people of Ward 2 on the City Council. But right now, I want to focus on how grateful I am. Continue reading

Bart Everson: they like me

This election takes place on Saturday, November 13 It's come to my attention that much of the country had elections this past Tuesday. Of course, in Louisiana we do things a little different. Our elections are almost always on Saturdays. The rest of the world mostly does weekend elections, but we're the only state in the union. Theoretically this makes it easier for most people to actually vote. Anyhow, early voting continues through this Saturday, and the election is on Saturday, the 13th of November. Nine days to go. Onward! Continue reading

A historical, heartfelt 'Thank You'

At long last, our campaign has come to an end. Kearni Warren and I will never forget all of the memories we made with each and every one of you along the way. From collecting signatures in July to poll watching on November 2nd, we can embrace this new wintery weather with the warmth of a well-done campaign. I want to take this chance to thank you all for being there with us – we truly would not have had a campaign without you. Together, not only did we get a brilliant PA caregiver on the ballot, but we made a 12-year incumbent come out and campaign for the first time in a decade! Continue reading

Samantha Wins!

MINNEAPOLIS – The Green Party of Minnesota endorsed candidate Samantha Pree Stinson made history by becoming the first Black & Latino woman elected to the Minneapolis Board of Estimation and Taxation. Ms. Stinson went live after the election to talk about this victorious moment. To hear her speak more about it: Samantha speaks after the history-making election The Green Party of Minnesota would like to thank Jennifer McPherson and Kati Medford who both ran great campaigns. Continue reading

We will be taking action locally now, to support communities fighting to be heard

This small team here. This party that most have never heard of. This candidate with nearly no name recognition. Completely outgunned by a wealthy incumbent with over $130,000 and backed by a giant corrupt political machine that has dominated the region for almost 100 years. We came in just earlier this year to listen to District 4 residents for the first time (soo many of whom have never been listened to). We heard their concerns and asked for them to take a chance on us to obtain real democratic involvement in Pittsburgh's budgeting and decision-making. And as of now, over 2,360 people went Green for Connor. That's just shy of 1/3 of all District 4 voters who turned out. Continue reading

Kati Medford: Change is happening in Minneapolis

There are more candidates running for Ward 13 this year than have in quite some time. I think this reflects the growing dissatisfaction with our current representation. Change is happening in Minneapolis, and I don’t want to sit on the sidelines. It’s time for us to take an active role in making things right. There’s one other candidate who feels like I do, and that’s Mike Norton for Minneapolis City Council - Ward 13. We don’t share the same views on everything, but we do agree that progress is needed now rather than the status quo. Rank me Number 1 and Mike Number 2 when you go vote today, and let’s start moving forward! Continue reading

Cam Gordon: People want to make a difference

Don’t forget to vote today! If you need to find your polling place you can do so here: https://pollfinder.sos.state.mn.us. We can make this city a leader in how to transform public safety so it works for all of us. Continue reading

Peoples Party of NY endorses Edwin DeJesus Jr.

I am thrilled & honored to receive an endorsement of the @PeoplesPartyNY. Together we are building a winning coalition for all New Yorkers suffering from our 2-party system. Solidarity Raised fist Continue reading

Individuality drives campaign of Craig Cayetano

HAWTHORNE, NJ — Craig Cayetano could have been another cog in a political machine. But he did not want that for himself, and he did not want it for citizens of this Republican-controlled borough in a county powered by Democrats. Cayetano, 41, a car salesman, is the state's only local-level candidate representing the Green Party of New Jersey. He is in a race with six other contenders for three at-large seats on the Borough Council. Continue reading