2021 Election Results

Below are noteworthy Green Party candidates currently running for office.
For a more complete list of current candidates, please visit the Green Party Elections Database.

Restore Respect, Dignity, and most of all, Truth, in Chester

I'm running for Chester City Council to restore our city's leadership to these values of Respect, Dignity, and most of all, Truth. Chester is at a critical juncture, and Kearni Warren is running for office to ensure her hometown grows in the right direction. To really see what's at stake in this race, please check out Kearni's new campaign video: With only 42 days left until the election, Kearni is counting on your support to lead the pack this November. We hope that we can continue to count on your support as the campaign trail progresses. Any contribution made goes a long way for justice. Continue reading

The Wrath of Ida and the Bliss of Gaia

A little something different this week. Below you'll find an essay I wrote just as soon as my lights came back on after Hurricane Ida. It was published earlier this week on Gaianism.org and quickly republished on three other sites. I thought you might like to read it too. As far as the campaign goes, we are resuming our team meetings and "meet the candidate" drop-in sessions via Zoom.  Now I've got to run off and make an appearance before the Orleans Parish Republican Executive Committee! — Bart Everyone Experiencing the Wrath of Ida and the Bliss of Gaia Continue reading

NJ Governor Candidates: Why You Should Elect Me

5 candidates for NJ governor were given 500 words to explain why they should be elected: Murphy, Ciattarelli, Mele, Hoffman and Kuniansky. NEW JERSEY — On Wednesday, as per tradition, the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission released "position statements" from five candidates for governor in November's general election. According to the commission: "Under the law, gubernatorial candidates in the November 2 general election can post statements up to 500 words about their candidacies to guide voters. The statements are available in English, Spanish, Korean and Gujarati." Continue reading

Activist, veteran and mom Claretta Duckett-Freeman running for at-large Lansing City Council seat

Editors Note: Duncan-Freeman advanced from the August 3 primary to the general election LANSING, MI — Defunding the police, caring for the homeless, and ending discrimination are all things at-large Lansing City Council candidate Claretta Duncan-Freeman says she wants to tackle if she wins a council seat this fall. Duckett-Freeman is running for one of two open at-large seats in a crowded field of candidates. Continue reading

Gentrification in Asbury Park Leaves Locals Behind

ASBURY PARK, NJ – On the surface, the concept of gentrification seems like a wonderful process that begins pumping money into a poor community in the hopes of driving new population and business growth. You might start seeing some newer homes on some blocks, a handful of new stores, etc. District 11 Assembly Candidate Dominique Faison is speaking out on how the gentrification process is actually hurting Asbury Park residents. Continue reading

New Jersey LCV endorses Craig Cayetano for Hawthorne Town Council

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey League of Conservation Voters (New Jersey LCV), the political voice for the environment in New Jersey, announced a slate of more than 50 endorsements for local and county candidates in November’s general election. These endorsements represent the first time New Jersey LCV has endorsed a full ticket of candidates, from governor to local governing bodies. Continue reading

A vote for Connor is a vote for unions

We are excited and grateful to have the support of Allegheny County Councilwoman, Liv Bennett , in our race for Pittsburgh City Council! Councilwoman Bennett is an ardent fighter for housing justice and racial justice in our region, both major concerns of our campaign. "Pittsburghers deserve a working-class representative who will fight for them. I'm endorsing Connor Mulvaney for City Council District 4 because I believe his is that fighter. A vote for Conner is a vote for unions, a vote for climate justice, a vote for racial justice, and a vote for an end to gentrification. Please join me in supporting his campaign." Olivia Bennett Continue reading

Happy #LaborDay!

During the pandemic, all of our workers have been essential to keeping us going. So today we give a special thanks to all of those who have risked their health for us.  We also salute the #unions who have worked tirelessly to ensure #essentialworkers have the protection and safety they need and deserve now.  Continue reading

Workers Like You Lead Our Movement

From all of us at Team Hoffman/Warburton, we would like to wish you a Happy Labor Day! As New Jersey reels from a historic pandemic, one in which corporations consolidated their wealth, politicians collected checks off their investments, and workers hardly got by, we find it imperative that workers build power in government to challenge the status quo. Our campaign team, which is composed entirely of students and low/middle income workers, regrets that our government has so poorly supported New Jersey's working and middle class communities through COVID-19. Of course, this is made that much worse as our communities recover from recent natural disasters, including flood waters and tornado outbreaks all across our state. It is especially relevant now that Madelyn Hoffman, and her running mate Heather Warburton are running this campaign around their key policy of a Real, Ecosocialist Green New Deal. Continue reading

Kearni Warren Makes History in Race for Chester City Council

Chester's First Green Party Challenger CHESTER, PA – Chester resident, community activist, and union member Kearni Warren is officially on the ballot in this Fall's showdown for Chester City Council. She is the first minor party candidate to ever challenge the Democratic regime. "I am extremely excited to enter this race as the grassroots voice of our community," Ms. Warren said. "Chester is my home, and it has been for generations. I grew up in the Ruth L. Bennett Homes with my mother, Rev. Bernice Warren, who instilled in me the values of a true Chester leader: respect, dignity, and most of all, truth. I am launching this campaign to restore Chester's leadership to these values." Continue reading