2021 Election Results

Below are noteworthy Green Party candidates currently running for office.
For a more complete list of current candidates, please visit the Green Party Elections Database.

Please share this Connor for Council campaign video

I'm Connor Mulvaney and I'm running for Pittsburgh City Council against a wealthy incumbent funded by corporations, developers, law firms, and establishment politicians. My team is made up of volunteers and fueled by small grassroots donations from everyday residents. I want to fight to bring the ignored voices of South Pittsburgh's residents into the City County Building. Continue reading

Third-party candidates give voters choice

Voters in New Jersey have more candidates for governor to choose from than just Republican Jack Ciattarelli and Phil Murphy, the Democratic incumbent seeking a second term. In addition to the Democrats and Republicans, three other parties are represented on the ballot in the race for governor. The candidates are Madelyn Hoffman, a longtime representative of the Green Party of New Jersey; Gregg Mele, a libertarian from Bridgewater, and Joanne Kuniansky, a leader of the Socialist Workers Party. Continue reading

Support Our Families by Helping Our Farmers

ASBURY PARK, NJ –  Dominique Faison put her hat in the ring for the Eleventh Legislative District Assembly seat in order to give a voice to those who feel they have been forgotten. The Asbury Park resident has spent her time on the campaign trail discussing a wide-variety of issues including actually housing the homeless, getting individuals greater access to mental health resources, raising families, children, and entire communities out of poverty…just to name a few. Continue reading

Claretta Duckett-Freeman vows to stand up to political bullying

An adult bully is very dangerous. Especially if they have any input on your career or passion. There are folks in this city beholden to a bully because he has access to money and influence across our state. I was bullied a lot as a child because I didn’t want to come across as a troublemaker. I was afraid that people would see me as a bad kid. One day I pushed a bully back and then we had a fight. I thought I was going to get in so much trouble. But I had already built a reputation of being an honest and well behaved child. When I finally “misbehaved”, all the authority figures in my life realized that something was very wrong. Continue reading

The Time is Now!

The time is now for working people to have a representative on City Council. Together, we can take our city government back from corrupt private interests. That fight starts now with this youth-led grassroots campaign to take District 4's seat for the people. Continue reading

Final Canvass for Kearni Warren

Election Day Help Needed We will be making one last group canvassing push this weekend to help elect Kearni Warren for Chester City Council. Meet us in the parking lot of the J Lewis Crozer Library @ 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 30th. Please fill out this brief form to RSVP. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to this cause. Together, we will shine a light on a brighter future for Chester next Tuesday. Continue reading

Pittsburgh Councilman Anthony Coghill faces election challenge from Connor Mulvaney

First-term Pittsburgh City Councilman Anthony Coghill is being challenged in the Nov. 2 election by political newcomer Connor Mulvaney in this year’s only contested race for council. The winner will represent District 4, which includes the neighborhoods of Beechview, Bon Air, Brookline, Carrick, Mt. Washington and Overbrook. Coghill, 55, is a Democrat from Beechview, while Mulvaney, 28, of Brookline, is running as a Green Party of Allegheny County candidate. Continue reading

Paglino boosts clean energy in Green Party bid for Guilford Selectman

Justin Paglino, the Green Party of Connecticut candidate who challenged incumbent Democrat Congresswoman Rosa Delauro last fall, is running for the Guilford Board of Selectmen. Paglino is running against four Board of Selectmen incumbents, Democrats Louis Federici and Sandra Ruoff and Republicans Susan Renner and Charles Havrda. CT Examiner spoke with Paglino about his run, and policy priorities if elected. This interview has been edited for clarity. Continue reading

Samantha Pree-Stinson for Minneapolis BET

My name is Samantha Pree-Stinson. I am you and you are me. I am a working class mother and small business owner. I believe in the power of community. We have challenges and hard truths to face, including that our city suffers from some of the worst disparities in the nation. We all suffer from harsh realities including the effects of COVID, violence in our communities, food insecurity, challenges for our students, keeping our entrepreneurs and small businesses alive, and fair wages. Continue reading

Kearni Warren for Chester, PA City Council

Kearni Warren was born in Chester and was raised in the Ruth L. Bennett Homes. She is an activist, author, healthcare advocate, speaker, caregiver, and humanitarian. Kearni has seen first-hand the value of hard work and achieving the impossible through difficulty… "Change will not happen if the people remain silent and still. We must fight for our children and their right to receive a quality education and to be guided by appropriate leaders who have our children's best interest in mind." Continue reading