Spoiler myth debunked across over 200 NY races

The results are in, and they are newsworthy. As much as I knew, by their own account, that I had attracted some conservative voters, the vote results showed substantially greater proportions of my votes coming in conservative strongholds than liberal ones, with a near-perfect correlation. My weakest percentages, by far, came in the most liberal county, Ulster, which also showed, by far, the strongest results for the Democrat, all the way to providing his margin of victory. Continue reading

Surprises in a Challenging Campaign: Laura Wells

This campaign for Congress was challenging in more ways than one! To begin with, this campaign was not on my list of New Year's Resolutions! When we realized, however, that Barbara Lee would be unopposed on the primary ballot, we saw an opportunity. If we won in a write-in campaign in June, a Green would appear on the ballot in November — a one-on-one contest between a no-corporate-money Green and an incumbent Democrat. Continue reading

Thank You! From Ian and Annie

As this year comes to a close, Reverend Chambers and I are spending time reflecting on what from this year we are most thankful for. Of course, near the top of our list are you and all the supporters of our campaign. Reverend Chambers and I are so thankful that we had the opportunity to give every Marylander another choice for the top office in this state. We will never give up advocating for more and better choices for all elected offices. 11,256 of you voted for us, and we know that millions of Marylanders saw our names on their ballots. Even if they weren't ready to cast a Green ballot for Governor this year, seeing the option will help them get ready to vote Green next time. Continue reading

A Closing Message: Steve Greenfield

Thank you so much for supporting my campaign It was a success well beyond expectations for an ordinary year, let alone a time of political trauma like we are experiencing today, the likes of which I have not seen since 1968-74, and never thought we’d face again. I’d appreciate it very much if you read this wrap-up in full, and explore the links, because it will help in organizing to move forward. Continue reading