Kaper-Dale for Governor

Below are noteworthy Green Party candidates currently running for office.
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Connor Mulvaney on why he's running for Pittsburgh City Council

Howie Hawkins talks to Connor Mulvaney, Green candidate for Pittsburgh City Council and they take questions from viewers.

2 weeks til Election Day!

Support Kati Medford Today! Greetings Green Party members, supporters of Green candidates, and friends/family who live in Ward 13, I am the campaign organizer for Kati Medford who is running for Minneapolis City Council, Ward 13 (Southwest Mpls). Part of the role of campaign organizer (manager) is to help bring in contributions because among other things campaigns require at least some financial backing. So we have just over 2 weeks left until Election Day and here I am reaching out one more time to ask for your support. Continue reading

Sierra Club New Jersey Chapter Endorses Craig Cayetano For Hawthorne Town Council

The Sierra Club New Jersey Chapter has announced its endorsement of Craig Cayetano for Hawthorne Town Council in the at-large race this year. The NJ Chapter has over 80,0000 members and supporters in this state that advocate on behalf of the environment. The organization overall is the oldest in the nation and has more than 3.8 members nationwide. Moreover, this is the first time that the Sierra Club New Jersey Chapter has endorsed an Independent Green Party Candidate for a Town Council election. It recognizes the ongoing work that Craig Cayetano stands for and the benefits for Hawthorne by electing Cayetano to represent and advocate for all on Hawthorne Council. In endorsing Cayetano, its "mission" to explore, enjoy and protect these environments while promoting responsible uses of environmental resources and expanding education will be upheld. Continue reading

Sam for BET

My name is Samantha Pree-Stinson. I am you and you are me. I am a working class mother and small business owner. I believe in the power of community. I love our city. I fell in love here and met my husband of almost 20 years. We raise our three sons here, and we are part of the fabric that makes Minneapolis a place that we believe in. Continue reading

Housing is a Human Right

I am running for Stamford Constable. I ran in 2017 as well under the “No Evictions” platform. I believe that as of right now, there isn’t a more important time to run for this position. Families are facing eviction; and even though there are assistance programs in place, for both landlords and tenants, they are not perfect, and in many cases not accessible. Continue reading

Anna Trevorrow for Portland City Council - District 1

Portland Firefighters Local 740 endorses Anna Trevorrow for Portland City Council - District 1 In her near-decade of elected municipal experience in Portland Maine, Anna Trevorrow has acquired a deep understanding of how our city government works and a keen sense of how to improve it. She has a demonstrated ability to navigate complex issues and bring people together to arrive at solutions. Continue reading

Election Day Poll Watching

Election day is quickly approaching us! Kearni is in search of poll watchers for November 2nd to help ensure she has a campaign presence across the city. Poll watchers will sign up for specific time slots and will be assigned one of the twenty polling places to cover. While we cannot pay you for this service, Team Warren will provide free campaign t-shirts to all helpers! Continue reading

"Home economics" is redundant

All economics is about the home. No, not your private residence, obviously. Economics is about our common home — Mother Earth. It's right there in the Greek οἶκος (oîkos) meaning home, the root of both our English words economics and ecology. Any economic model which ignores the ecology of the Earth is tragically incomplete. Maybe that's why Pope Francis subtitled his 2015 encyclical "On Care for Our Common Home." I've been thinking about economics a lot this week, and not just because I'm filing my first campaign finance report. It's because I've finally published the third policy priority of this campaign, calling for a delightfully different Green New Orleans Deal. Continue reading

Faison: Equal Pay and Living Wage Essential to New Jersey’s Economy

ASBURY PARK, NJ – Dominique Faison is making one thing clear about her economic agenda: eliminating the gender pay gap is a major priority. Faison, an Asbury Park resident running for a Legislative District 11 Assembly seat, says such a legislative priority is long overdue. "Ensuring women are being paid fair wages, just like their male counterparts, is one of the keys to allowing families all over the state to have a chance to improve their overall economic position," states Faison. "With more women needing to work to keep their family afloat, equal pay would go a long way to uplift every family in New Jersey as well as help in the battle against child poverty." Continue reading

Working for Cincinnati's Future

Logan Simmering is a Union Ironworker running to represent the working class on Cincinnati City Council. He grew up in a small town in Maine, one still governed by the traditional town meeting, and attended public schools. He earned a BA degree in History and Political Science at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina. Continue reading