2024 PNC Next Steps


Thank you for registering for the 2024 Green Party US - Presidential Nominating Convention!


To fully participate in this virtual convention you must sign up for the following free applications:

Eventee, Loomio, and Zoom.


Consider Eventee the location for the virtual 2024 PNC/ANM.  You will go here to view the program and see all of the possible events you may join during the convention. Notifications and real-time updates to the program will be shared through this platform.

Sign up now using your name and registration email address. You will create a password. (IMPORTANT - DO NOT USE THE LINKS TO LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK, LINKED IN, OR APPLE)  This is your admittance to the event. Do not share this information. Save your password and the event page.  

 "You are not on the allow list" is expected.  We will send an email to view the program and join the presentations when we near the event!



Loomio will allow the convention to have timely discussions and voting.  To participate in these discussions, you must create an account for Loomio using the registration email address you gave to GP US.

Invitations to rooms will be sent closer to the event dates!



We recommend updating to the latest version of Zoom a few days before the PNC/ANM to receive the best video and audio experience. 

Zoom links will be available in Eventee


An email with this information has been sent to your registration email.  If you have not received it your email address may have been entered incorrectly - contact [email protected] 


Add the PNC to your calendar
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