Election Central

Election Central

All day Tuesday we'll be reporting election news here as it comes in. As evening rolls around, we'll begin reporting results.
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It's on You Today. Vote for the Movement. | Flowers for U.S. Senate

Today is the day!After decades of watching Big Money cast aside the people's priorities, voters' expectations are tempered and many people are going through the motions of voting with heavy hearts.But a new chapter begins when you vote Green today. No matter your political affiliation, you have the opportunity to vote for Green Party candidates today wherever you live in Maryland - from city council and mayor in Baltimore to Congress, the Senate and the White House! Continue reading

Why 5% for the Green Party is a win for America

"Casting a ballot for the lesser evil in a corrupt and failing two-party system — which only promises more of the same — is the very definition of a wasted vote." Continue reading