2023 Candidates

Below are endorsed Green Party candidates currently running for office.
A list of 2023 Green candidates that have made the ballot is located here.

Craig Cayetano - Your Candidate for Hawthorne Town Council in Ward 3

"Consistent, Compassionate & Conscientious: Still Bold With A Clear Vision for the Future of Hawthorne" My name is Craig Cayetano, and I am running once more for council in Ward 3 to be an advocate for everyone. I'm proud to say I've resided for over 19 years here in Hawthorne and still continue to stand for and speak up on issues impacting us all. Continue reading

Holyoke, MA Schools are in trouble

On November 7th, Holyoke, one of three cities whose schools are in receivership, will elect a new member of its School Board. Gloria Caballero Roca, a distinguished, multilingual educator and member of the Green-Rainbow Party, is running for this office. She needs your help urgently. Gloria will address "the disconnect with the parents and families, disciplinary problems inside the classroom, the lack of cleanliness, and the overt presence of drug dealers in the school zone downtown." Continue reading

Growing Ethical, Accountable Government from the Grassroots

  GREEN STAR contributor Patrick O. McNally posed several questions to Alex Noyle, Green Party candidate for Auditor of East Norriton Township, Montgomery County. GS: Please give us an idea of what went into your decision to run for elected office. Noyle: First and foremost, I am running to increase the accountability of my local government. Without our campaign on the ballot, the only option East Norriton voters would have to audit the township is a member of one of the parties currently in power. I don’t think the parties who run the township should be their own financial watchdog. I am also running to grow my local Green Party chapter’s active membership by making contact with existing registered Greens who don’t currently show up to meetings, and by registering non-voters to participate for the first time. Another goal I have with this campaign is to grow the number of elected officials GPUS has to bolster our movement nationally, from the bottom-up. Continue reading

Artis Burney for State Senate

My name is Artis Burney. I am the Green Party candidate for senator of district 51 in Jackson County, Mississippi. Spoken word poetry is sometimes my most comfortable way of expressing myself. Continue reading

Marcus Mills for Minneapolis Ward 3

As a long-time resident of Minneapolis, I know firsthand the challenges facing our community. That's why I am running for Minneapolis City Council - to fight for policies that truly make a difference in the lives of our families. As someone who has rented in Minneapolis for 21 years, I understand the importance of affordable housing, and as someone with a background in environmental and energy justice, I know that we need to prioritize sustainability in our policies. Continue reading

Leon Long for New London Mayor

Leon Long is running for mayor because he believes it's time to bet on New London In recent years, there has been an effort to grow our city by bringing in entities from outside, such as expensive apartment buildings and a Coast Guard Museum. While these entities can provide some benefit and growth, that growth should not come at the expense of folks that have been in New London for years, or perhaps their entire life. Continue reading

Arlington County Celebrates Christmas in July

July 24, 2023 – Merry Christmas in July! The time to give gifts to developers paid for by County residents. I'm Audrey Clement, Independent candidate for Arlington County Board on November 7, 2023, and I think you should know about the County's latest taxpayer paid boondoggle. Continue reading

Green Party candidates qualify for races in Portage and Hobart

Two Northwest Indiana environmental activists have qualified to have their names appear on  November municipal general election ballots as Green Party candidates in Portage and Hobart. Rev. Michael Cooper filed on Friday with the Porter County Board of Elections petitions with signatures of more than 200 registered voters to earn a slot in the historically tight mayoral race in Portage. Continue reading

Gokhan Cukurova for Medinah park district

As a young couple with a growing family, my wife and I bought our home and moved to the area as first-time homeowners about 8 years ago. We knew this place would be ideal for us to grow old and raise our children to come. With the amount of green space and great schools, this was our future haven. Even with three kids and two jobs, I found time to volunteer to coach youth soccer programs for our neighborhood kids. As we spent time with soccer, it dawned on me that a growing number of families sign up their kids to similar programs in neighboring towns instead of Medinah. Continue reading

Rev. Michael Cooper for Mayor

I am tired of the same ineffective, disruptive, corrupt administrations that have held Portage back for too long. We deserve a city that prioritizes our needs and provides us with the opportunities and services we deserve. That’s why I, Reverend Michael Cooper, am running as your Green Candidate for mayor of Portage, Indiana. Continue reading