Climate Change

“Now that I have your attention,” said Christina Khalil, Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in New Jersey, “let me tell you why we should all be worried about the climate crisis and why the climate crisis is real.”
The day after a 4.8 earthquake and its multiple aftershocks hit New Jersey, many extreme right-wing skeptics took issue with Christina’s Khalil’s statement that “The climate crisis is real.” Christina also wondered out loud why there appeared to be more earthquakes in New Jersey than in the past.

December 12, 2023 - The Green Party of the United States (GPUS) said that COP28, which is now past the initial deadline to finish, would be an abject failure if it did not expressly call for a phaseout of fossil fuels. The Greens also said that the proposed funding to assist the developing world in dealing with the dangers of climate change driven by the industrial nations was grossly inadequate.

"COP28 has demonstrated the utter lack of urgency and ambition needed to address the climate crisis," said Green Party EcoAction Committee Co Chair Mark Dunlea. "While the 'agreement' on loss and damage is a small step, it is a drop in the bucket compared to what is truly needed to support vulnerable communities."

The EcoAction Committee of the Green Party of the U.S. held a forum on Monday, December 11 to provide an update on COP28.

By Alex Casper (they/them)
Green Party of Pennsylvania

On Sunday, September 17, 75,000 people marched across New York City to End Fossil Fuels. Two Green Party candidates seeking the nomination for President of the U.S. were in New York marching as VIP’s, and I was lucky enough to have my photo taken next to them.

The Green Party, which first began calling in 2010, is heartened to see such widespread support for a Green New Deal (GND) among the estimated 75,000 people who marched on Sunday to demand faster climate action from President Biden.  For  Greens the most important response to global warming  would be the rapid and full halt to fossil fuel emissions and welcomed the call by more than  600 groups to demand much swifter action against the use of fossil fuels from The Biden administration.

Momentum is building for Sunday's September 17 End Fossil Fuel march and rally in NYC which starts at 1 PM at 56th and Broadway.

The Green Party contingent will meet at 12:15 PM at W. 57th and 8th Ave. At 12:45 PM we will move over to W. 57th and Broadway. Individuals marching with the Green Party can RSVP at Organizers say the best way to get there is to take the subway to Columbus Circle and then walk south.  

Climate March NYC, Sunday, September 17

March with fellow Greens!! Please sign up at Green Party contingent Sept. 17 No Fossil Fuels.  We will meet at the corner of W. 57th and 8th Ave (southeast corner) in Manhattan at 12:15 PM. At 12:45 PM we will go one block east to the corner of 57th and Broadway. This is a few blocks south of Columbus Circle (at the start of Central Park on the west side).

Write [email protected] for more info on group rides and special buses to the city; learn more about the march on the official website:

At least a dozen climate protestors were arrested on Thursday morning after hundreds of activists shut down the headquarters of Citibank, which has provided $333 billion in funding to fossil fuel projects since the Paris climate agreement took effect. We start off with several minutes of the sounds from the protests, followed by comments by protestors Ted Glick, Laura Wolfson, Eco of the Green Worker Alliance, and an activist who traveled to Phoenix for the protest.