Manchin agrees to a Green New Deal to break Climate Budget impasse

Senator Joe Manchin, in a stunning reversal, announced today that he is selling all his holdings in coal companies and wants to replace President Biden’s Build Back Better proposal with a more robust Green New Deal. “I finally got around to reading the reports from the IPCC and I was stunned to learn how fast climate change is occurring. My ten grandchildren also really opened up my eyes about the need to give their generation a chance for a decent living. It is never too late to admit that you have made a mistake,” said Manchin. Continue reading

EcoAction wants you to Organize for Earth Day to May Day

EcoAction is encouraging Greens to organize and participate in Earth Day to May Day (EDMD) activities. Please contact EcoAction ([email protected]) if your Green Party is sponsoring any events, actions, webinars around EDMD so we can include in our calendar. EcoAction will hold a webinar on April 11 outlining ways to participate in EDMD during its regular monthly meeting on the second Monday of the month at 9:00 PM ET. Continue reading

February EcoAction Committee Meeting

Join EcoAction at our monthly meeting on Monday, Feb. 14 (9 PM ET) to find out how you can become more active with our work – and to let us know how we can help you. We will be discussing our plans to organize local and national events for Earth Day and May Day, highlighting the urgency of solving not only climate change but embracing an EcoSocialist Green New Deal including an economic bill of rights.  Continue reading