Email Congress: Roe v. Wade

Roe v. Wade was a settled Constitutional legal interpretation. It was a step forward for women's basic human rights. Then we all figure that we have this basic building block to work from. We were thinking of fair wages, equal opportunity for jobs, and education.

Surprise! Now the fascist father of wealth and plenty attacks us from behind.

Weirdly, this comes from some of the very same crowd that rebelled against forced mask-wearing and COVID-19 vaccinations. This faction wanted freedom. The nasty reality is that everyone should have freedom over their own bodies — unless you are a woman. Particularly bad if you are a poor or young woman. Statistically bad if you are a person of color.

These faith-based phonies know exactly what they are doing. they are stopping a woman's progress to stand on their own by putting a huge roadblock in the way of choice for their bodies and life. It's a repulsive need that they have. They want to punish women for having sex, for dressing like "they want to be raped" and for, basically, being the gender that sprouts the baby.

Baby girls have a right to be born, but it ends right there. As usual, the wealthy or well enough off will hardly feel this — initially.

The Women's Caucus of the Green Party of the United States stands firmly on the right of choice for women everywhere — always!

We hope that you will take this stand with us. There are lots of ways to do this. One that is easy enough to do right now is to send your Representatives this message asking them to represent the rights of all women, not just the rights of those who are anti-abortion.

Thank you!

National Women's Caucus
Green Party of the United States

Monday marks the second anniversary of the Dobbs Decision that overturned Roe. V Wade. The Wood County Green Party is calling for a protest from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the corner of Main and Wooster in Bowling Green.

There will also be a discussion on the impact of Dobbs on American women at 7 p.m. in the Veteran’s Building in City Park, Bowling Green, Ohio.

In order to maintain the right to have candidates run for office (without collecting signatures) a political party in Missouri must receive at least 2% of the vote in at least one race.

This was achieve by Jerome Bauer in the City of St. Louis and Randy Holmes in St. Louis County.

Have you, like many West Virginians, had enough with Conservative Democrats? Minority Whip Sen. Woelfel, along with several other Democrats, who voted for the abortion ban alongside Republicans will likely face no consequences from their party.

Republicans wrote the bill, and several Democrats backed it. It’s time for real opposition with West Virginia’s Greens

Kiel Corkran (r) is out on Rainbow Blvd with other activists to show his support for the campaign to defeat the anti-abortion constitutional amendment!

Americans’ confidence in the Supreme Court was already at an all time low before the Court issued its decision on Friday. Kiel Cochran believes that the following decision by the court to overturn Roe v Wade was the incorrect one as taking away a woman’s ability to control their own bodies goes against the foundations that make up our most basic rights as free citizens of this country! Kiel believes that at its core we conclude several things about the future of our society, but he finds these 5 to be important.

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party of the United States denounces the Supreme Court's decision allowing states to ban abortion and control our bodies. We join the rallying cry of: our bodies, our minds, our power.

Roe v Wade being overturned has officially set us back decades of progress. Conservative leadership has just told us that Women do not deserve autonomy. Instead of backing and supporting protections for women in disenfranchised communities we have instead added another obstacle for them to face. Women are abused and impregnated, raped and impregnated, or maybe they simply do not want to have a child and made a mistake. 

The National Lavender Green Caucus unequivocally denounces this assault on the bodily autonomy of those who can become pregnant. The leaked draft US Supreme Court opinion first circulated by Politico, if finalized, would throw out nearly five decades of protection for an individual's right to a safe and legal abortion. The draft decision also makes it abundantly clear that the conservative majority on our nation's highest court is setting up future challenges to LGBTQIA+ rights.

The Green Party of the United States urges people to join actions nationwide to protect and expand access to abortion services. We must stop the criminalization of abortions to permanently protect all people's right to safe, legal, accessible, and confidential healthcare. Reproductive rights are non-negotiable!

While Supreme Court Justice Alito's leaked draft opinion is not the final Supreme Court decision, it claims the right to abortion is unconstitutional and attacks the reproductive rights of women, transgender people, and non-binary people. Lack of abortion access will also impact both parents who may be mandated to pay for child support of unwanted pregnancies.

Additionally, the repercussions of ending these reproductive rights may lead to criminalizing the freedom to love and marry on the basis of race or sexual preference.

People keep asking me, "Delilah, how do you feel about the Supreme court leak? How do you feel about Roe V Wade being overturned?" I am appreciative for the attention to this matter. Especially being a censored candidate and activist. However, I have to laugh because we already lost our reproductive rights here in Texas. We have had one of the most restrictive laws, SB8, currently in effect for several months now. 


The US Supreme Court's conservative majority is poised to overturn Roe vs. Wade using arguments that impose control over women's bodies that existed before the historic 1973 decision. Going back even to when slavery was allowed to exist.

We must move forward. Slavery in any form should be outlawed, including having the power over a woman's right to choose to be pregnant or not. I am pro-choice, pro-women's rights.