Diane Moxley, marching for what she believes in

Diane Moxley is running for Congress in the Seventh Congressional District on the Green Party line. She is also a mom, lawyer, activist, advocate for social justice and for human rights. Diane earned her undergrad degree in political science and philosophy from Kean University with her young daughter in tow at the on-campus daycare center. As an undergrad and single parent. She knew what it felt like to literally pinch pennies and other coins dug out of seat cushions to buy milk. Diane spent time on welfare lines. Then with some perseverance and a lot of loans, she graduated from CUNY Law with the specific purpose of serving those in need, those left behind without representation. Continue reading

Colin Souney for CT State Assembly, District 86

Colin Souney is a long time Guilford resident and 1993 Guilford High School graduate who has worked in the area over two decades in a variety of vocations including Construction, Welding and Machining. Mr. Souney is well aware of what the working person today is tasked with on a daily basis. He is an advocate for sensible and equitable economic and tax reform, including legalization, regulation, and taxation of Marijuana to address Connecticut’s budget deficit. In his advocacy, he has appeared and spoken before the state legislature and often been quoted in the press. Continue reading

Cliff Willmeng for Boulder County Commissioner

Cliff Willmeng, husband and father of two, is a registered nurse and a leader in the fight against oil and gas drilling in Colorado. With over 30 years of experience as a community organizer, union activist, and proponent of community rights, Cliff has devoted a lifetime to building grassroots power throughout the country.​Cliff began his activist work in high school fighting against racism in Chicago. This work connected him to efforts to end US wars in Central and South America and brought him to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico in the 1990s. Continue reading

David Cobb in conversation with Chase Iron Eyes

Standing Rock and BEYOND! Live on a Green Way Forward, David Cobb is in conversation with Attorney Chase Iron Eyes. North Dakota Drops Felony Charges Against Chase Iron Eyes In what defense attorneys are calling a major victory for their client and for the water protectors of Standing Rock, North Dakota prosecutors have dropped all serious charges against former North Dakota congressional candidate Chase Iron Eyes in his case resulting from protests of the Dakota Access pipeline. Continue reading

Angel Torres, Teamsters union steward is running for Arizona Governor

Angel Torres is a native Arizonan, and has lived in South Phoenix/Laveen for the past 28 years. His father (deceased) was from Puerto Rico, and his mother is Mexican-American. He is the oldest of three siblings. All three children (Angel, Danny, and Cristina) attended Creighton Elementary School. Angel and his brother graduated from East High School (Go Longhorns!), while his sister graduated from Camelback High. All three of them, and their father, also graduated from Arizona State University (ASU). Angel was the first in his family to graduate from college, receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication from ASU in 1986. Continue reading

Robert Corriher, running to build political power for working people

Robert Corriher is running for Congress in North Caroina to build independent power for working people - not the wealthy. Our campaign will bring together people from all over the state to fight for the needs of working families, and we will do it without corporate money. We know what we need to survive and neither of the two parties in Washington will get it done. We need universal healthcare, tuition-free higher education, higher wages, and NO MORE WAR ON DRUGS! This is no time to waste supporting the 'Lesser Wall Street Evil": we must fight for our interests and not back down. I guarantee that this struggle will not end on November 6. Any donations received by this campaign will go directly to the fight on the ground. We do not have the bloated campaign bureaucracy or party bosses. We are running this campaign, and you can join us. Together, we can win! Continue reading

Anthony Beckford, fighting injustice since the age of 12

State Assembly Candidate Anthony Beckford is one of the pillars of his community. Anthony Beckford is the son of Jamaican immigrants. Being a Marine Corps Veteran, Activist, Community Advocate, Freedom Fighter in the Black Lives Matter movement and the Leader of the Brooklyn Sector of CopWatch Patrol Unit. He has the discipline, consistency, passion and grit that it will take to protect the residents within the 42nd State Assembly District, from greedy developers, Trump's bigotry, Abusive Landlords, Police Violence, Gun Violence and more. And let's not forget the solutions to rebuild back the community and to bring in the resources and opportunities that are needed. The community can be represented fully and be protected and empowered through his planned legislation proposals and his consistency in the fight for Social Justice. Continue reading

Justin Miller on why he's running for office

I'm Justin Miller and I was a line cook for 13 years and left the restaurant industry after standing up for coworkers by filing a wage-theft complaint against my employer and speaking out against systemic racism in the industry. Doing so led to my being publicly called an "unemployable" "non-conformist," essentially blackballing me from the industry for speaking out. Since leaving the restaurant industry, I have worked for workers’ rights all across the state, mostly organizing fast-food workers as a part of the Fight for $15 movement. I am running to represent the 66th District of the North Carolina House of Representatives to give working-class and poor North Carolinians a voice in the General Assembly. For decades, neither of the major corporate parties has spoken to the issues that affect the working class. This campaign is about giving the working class a voice in the legislative process. Continue reading

Glenn Ross for Maryland State Delegate

Glenn Ross is a long-time community advocate with over 40 years of experience successfully working on behalf of the citizens of Baltimore. He has built and lead community organizations, fought powerful interests, and never backed down from what he stands for. Now he is taking that fight to the November election to challenge the Baltimore political machine that has put profits and party above the people's interests for as long as we can remember. It's time to put the people back in power in Annapolis! Glenn knows about the power of building coalitions - he's done it before and seen it accomplish what people alone have been unable to do. Through this election he aims to build a lasting coalition for residents of the 45th District to make our community's elected leaders accountable to the people in a way they haven't been for a very long time.  Continue reading

Andy Ellis for Maryland State Delegate

Steven "Andy" Ellis is a Green Party candidate running for State Delegate in Maryland's 45th Legislative District. Andy will appear on the general election ballot in November of 2018. He is running in coalition with long time community advocate and  neighborhood leader Glenn Ross. Glenn is a long-time community advocate with over four decades of experience organizing neighborhoods to stand up to powerful interests. Together Andy and Glenn are building a coalition to take on the Baltimore political machine that has worked to protect its own power and profits by preventing meaningful change at every turn. Continue reading