The Green Party supports working people

From our platform

The right to organize unions, bargain freely and strike when necessary is being destroyed by employers and their representatives in government. Today, nearly one out of ten workers involved in union organizing drives is illegally fired by employers who wage a campaign of fear, threats, and slick propaganda to keep workers from exercising a genuinely free choice.

And as union membership falls, so do the wages of all working people, union and non-union alike. We support efforts to overcome these legal handicaps, especially in the South and Southwest where the laws are most hostile. We also must dedicate ourselves to fighting for a complete overhaul of this country's labor laws

The Green Party supports the irreducible right of working people, without hindrance, to form a union and to bargain collectively with their employer. This right was guaranteed under the National Labor Relations Act of 1935.


Do working people have any reliable friends on the political field? We're long past the point where Democrats can claim to be the party of workers. Republicans have never been sympathetic, except in their most mendacious flights of campaign rhetoric.

The spectacular victory of the public school teachers' strike in West Virginia, in which they won all their demands, occurred without major-party support. The West Virginia Mountain Party, affiliated with the Green Party, endorsed it on February 18.


Circle City Greens

The Circle City Greens is the local group for Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Monthly meetings take place on the 1st Wednesday of every month near downtown Indianapolis. The Circle City Greens are in the process of nominating officers for the following positions: Chair, Assistant Chair, Treasurer, Documentarian, and two Media Czars. The deadline to submit nominations is December 1st.


On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, the United Auto Workers Region 9A CAP Council voted to endorse just one candidate in Waterford’s municipal election: Joshua Steele Kelly for Representative Town Meeting in District 3.

This is the third endorsement Kelly has received from a community organization, also having received the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers CT and NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut, making him the most endorsed candidate in the town’s election. He is further endorsed by both the Waterford Democratic Party and the Waterford Green Party, and will appear on both lines on the November 7th ballot.


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party of the United States released the following statement in celebration of Labor Day 2017. The statement was written by Steering Committee member Chris Blankenhorn.


Samantha Pree-Stinson, the Green Party candidate for Minneapolis City Council, Ward 3, has won a key endorsement from local firefighters.

The Minneapolis Firefighter's Association, Local 82, issued a strong letter of endorsement for Free-Stinson.


Winning Workplace Justice in St Louis

International Workers Day (May Day) is a time for people to honor and extend the struggles of labor to protect its rights and defend social justice. The forum will cover topics such as race and racism in the workplace, "right to work" legislation and its important effects on labor organizing. How can we overcome inter-union turf wars and foster inter-union solidarity? How can students and alumni support union organizing on campus? What can we learn from past failures and successes?


May Day is a hugely important holiday where working people celebrate how far we have come and reflect on what labor rights we still have yet to get recognized.

In addition to going to a march or rally today, please consider donating $40 to the Illinois Green Party in honor of the 40 hour work week that was won by working class troublemakers like us a century ago!


We join with workers around the world commemorating the martyred Chicago Haymarket workers, killed by police in 1886, while fighting for the 8-hour work-day. Today, we re-commit to mobilize, humbled by the worker-leaders everywhere who have sacrificed themselves to improve people's lives.

As Governor of New Jersey I will continue accompanying our righteous struggles to defend and expand working rights for working people, both documented and undocumented.


Stands in Solidarity With Labor

RICHMOND,VA – The Green Party of Virginia leadership has voted to endorse the Workers March scheduled for April 30 in Washington, DC. It encourages its members, supporters and friends to join in solidarity.

In his first message to Congress Abraham Lincoln said it well, that "Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves higher consideration."