Vijay Prashad's keynote address to the Green Party of New York State Convention

Vijay Prashad addressed the state convention of the Green Party of New York on Saturday, May 19.  He spoke about the connections between Wealth and Peace and the battle of ideas as well as the way the State Department uses propoganda through the media.  Prashad is an Indian historian and journalist and the author of twenty-five books, including The Darker Nations: A People’s History of the Third World and The Poorer Nations: A Possible History of the Global South, and ten edited volumes, including Land of Blue Helmets: The United Nations in the Arab World.  Continue reading

Run for local office

Michigan Greens Tom Mair & Jessicia Smith on why you should run for local office. Mair is a member of the Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners. Continue reading

Cheri Honkala discusses illegal electioneering by the Philadelphia Democratic Party

Conversation with Marteena Morano and Cheri Honkala, who ran for State Representative of Philadelphia's 197th District, about the rampant election fraud she encountered. Continue reading

Glenn Greenwald, Jill Stein & Abby Martin in discussion

Global Issues in Context 2.0 in Munich As empire doubles down with war, austerity, censorship and repression - it’s more important than ever to build the movement for people, planet and peace over profit. It’s so uplifting to see this unstoppable movement growing across national borders and issue networks. Continue reading

Howie Hawkins introduces Jia Lee, his running mate for Lieutenant Governor of New York

Jia Lee announces her campaign for Lt. Governor of New York with the Green Party of New York State. Green Party of New York Gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins talks about key campaign issue and introduces Lee, a public school teacher and union activist, who discusses the importance of Education to the campaign. Continue reading

Introducing "Liberate Hawai'i"

Author Jon Olsen introduces his new book, Liberate Hawai'i In the video Olson offers a focused examination of the unfounded US claim to the sovereignty of Hawai'i.  Continue reading

Humanity: The Final Chapter

This is a talk B. Sidney Smith gave at Virginia Tech on March 17, 2018, on Humanity's current trajectory (with an emphasis on the present condition of the United States and its people), and on the political conditions of any possible human future. Smith is a member of the Green Party of Virginia. Continue reading

Cheri Honkala interviewed by Edgardo Gonzalez

Cheri Honkala and Edgardo Gonzalez discussing Democratic Party corruption surrounding Cheri's recent special election campaign for Pennsylvania State Representative.  Continue reading

Green Party of New York response

Green Party of New York State of the State address by co-chairs Peter LaVenia & Gloria Mattera along with Howie Hawkins, the 2010 & 2014 gubernatorial candidate. Topics discussed include Universal Healthcare, Fighting Climate Change, Mass Transit, Progressive Public Finance, Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags, and Public Campaign Finance Continue reading

on Sexual Assault and Harassment

Commentary by Joy Davis of the National Women's Caucus of the Green Party of the United States I'm here to talk about what has been happening in the media in regards to all of the sexual assault and harassment allegations stemming from Hollywood to the Oval office. When high-profile Hollywood actresses began to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault that sparked a movement across social media. Continue reading