2012 C-SPAN Interview with Jill Stein talking about the Green New Deal

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein talked about the platform of the Green party. Topics included the influence of money in politics, the progressive stances of the Green party, the Green party jobs plan called the “Green New Deal,” a proposed universal system of free higher education, and the threat of climate change. She also responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. Continue reading

A Conversation With Jay Sweeney

It's Time for a Change! Democracy Demands a Choice! Vote for Jay Sweeney on Tuesday, November 6 Meet Jay Sweeney, our Green Party of Pennsylvania candidate for State Senator in the 20th District. Jay talks about the issues that are important to him and his campaign. Continue reading

There is only way to solve the climate crisis

For the last 5 years Mark Dunlea has help coordinate the NYC and statewide effort to divest public pensions from fossil fuels since they cause climate change. New York City has agreed to divest but New York State has not. The state comptroller controls the pension fund. it is morally wrong for New York State to invest $11 billion in companies that are killing life on our planet. It is also increasingly a bad financial risk. If the sate had divested from fossil fuels a decade ago, the pension fund would have an extra $22 billion. Continue reading

I support a State Bank for Massachusetts

Jamie Guerin is the Green-Rainbow Party candidate for Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A mother of five, she comes from a multi-generational working-class family, and is presently raising her children in the Pioneer Valley. Jamie grew up in a small town in Western Massachusetts and now lives in Northampton. She is a lifelong activist for peace, economic, social, and environmental justice, ignited by the struggle and guided by the movement to create a healthy and more just world for her children and future generations. Continue reading

Real Solutions Can't Wait

Who is Howie Hawkins? Watch to find out, and learn how we can #DemandMore from the 2018 New York Governor's Race. Continue reading

"He's Right"

I could not be happier with this morning's NY-19 Congressional Debate, hosted by the Ulster County Chamber of Commerce. Audience reaction was phenomenal -- especially considering that unlike the two major party candidates, I had no entourage. Many people came up to speak with me afterwards, and I was most pleased when staff of the major regional medical consortium told me my health insurance plan was the way to go. Continue reading

Fossil fuels have no future

  Randy Auxier, the Illinois Green Party candidate for the 12th Congressional District in Illinois just posted a video describing his views on the continued reliance on fossil fuels. Auxier said "Economic development in Southern Illinois depends upon thinking about energy and energy that fuels our area and our country in new and creative ways." He has pledged "not to take contributions from the oil, gas, and coal industry, and instead prioritize the health of our families, climate, and democracy over fossil fuel industry profits." Continue reading

Jimmy Dore: Cuomo gives the finger to "progressive" dems

On his most recent livestream, comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore was incredulous by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's endorsement of Andrew Cuomo.  His response? "If I lived in New York, I would vote for Howie Hawkins". Continue reading

Is Kavanaugh a big deal? How does SCOTUS really work?

Trump's latest Supreme Court nominee understandably has liberals and Democrats in a lather. But does the danger really live up to the hype? What's Kavanaugh's position on "settled law?" How does the Supreme Court actually work, and what should we be paying attention to? Andrea MeridaCo-Chair, Green Party of the United StatesDenver Green Party Continue reading

Joshua Harris: I come from the place where red-lining was invented

Joshua Harris for Maryland House of Delegates, District 40 Joshua Harris is a leader and visionary who advocates on behalf of the community. He is dedicated to creating attainable solutions for the challenges Baltimore faces. Joshua has passion for, and is commitment to, empowering his community. As a young child, Joshua grew up in poverty and his family struggled to make ends meet. Through access and opportunity his family was able to overcome those struggles. Harris knows there are many hard-working families in Baltimore that are struggling every day and simply need the access and opportunity. Continue reading