We are grateful to Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker for carrying the Green Party in 2020 as our nominees for President and Vice-President

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Howie Hawkins, undefeated: The story behind Syracuse's most remarkable candidate

SYRACUSE, NY — Howie Hawkins has run for office more times than anyone in Syracuse's modern history. The 67-year-old is now in his 25th campaign. He'll lose this one, too. Hawkins is running for U.S. president on the Green Party line. He is on the ballot in 30 states. Continue reading

Celebrating the founding of the Black Panther Party

Thursday we celebrated the formation of the Black Panther Party 54 years ago in Oakland, California. The Black Panther Party clearly showed the willingness of regular people to organize and take action to protect their communities. Today, we find ourselves still calling for the changes that these brave people were fighting for in the 1960s: community control of the police, reparations paid to African Americans, and social/economicequality. Continue reading

Hawkins says Supreme Court nomination should wait until after the election

Wants To Overhaul The Anti-Democratic Nature Of The Court Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for President, said that while the nomination of the new Supreme Court Justice should wait until the next presidential term, it was also important to reign in the powers of the court, which he described as "an unaccountable, unelected super-legislative council of lifers." Hawkins challenged Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and the Senate Democrats to finally stand up to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and use the minority's parliamentary powers to delay the nomination. "The Democrats always shy away from the real fights in Congress, like we saw with their delay on impeachment and continuing unwillingness to challenge Attorney General Barr. Joe Biden shepherded through Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, and Anthony Kennedy as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Democrats allowed McConnell to roll them on the Merrick Garland nomination in 2016 without obstructing the Majority Leader with parliamentary maneuvers. They're all bark but no bite," he added. Continue reading

Hawkins calls for election protection from Trump's racist vigilantes

Demands States to Dismantle Illegal Private Militias Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for president, called upon his supporters and all fair-minded Americans to protect the election from the intimidation of voters and the suppression of the mail-in ballot count that President Trump has encouraged his supporters to do with backing from white racist militias. Hawkins demanded that the FBI and DHS increase monitoring and prosecuting violence by racist terrorist groups and that state law enforcement agencies enforce state laws against illegal private militias.  Continue reading

Hawkins demands equal time on Rush Limbaugh after Trump's "Radio Rally"

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for president, is demanding equal time on the The Rush Limbaugh Show after Limbaugh hosted a 2-hour "radio rally" for Trump on Friday. In a letter to Limbaugh, Hawkins invoked the equal time rule of the Communications Act of 1934 to ask Limbaugh to contact him to arrange a date and programming format for equal time for Hawkins. Continue reading

Hawkins on Morning Joe

Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins was interview on October 9 about his offer to debate Biden. Hawkins said he's ready to debate both Donald Trump and Joe Biden but he's not sure they're ready to debate him. Hawkins' News Release page includes a number of statements on the debates. Continue reading

Trump is killing us

Trump should just resign. He should get out of the way of the public health officials who are telling us how to slow the spread of COVID-19, the health care providers who are trying to heal the sick, and the military and business managers who could quickly put together a plan under the Defense Production Act to produce and distribute needed medical resources to where they are urgently needed. Trump had reports in January from the intelligence community and public health officials that the pandemic was coming. He told the American people that it was a Chinese problem, that it was another impeachment hoax, that it will disappear like a miracle. His late, deceitful, and misdirected response amounts to negligent homicide. Continue reading

Green Party candidate discusses COVID-19, economy, 'Economic Bill of Rights'

TYLER, Tx (KLTV) – Howie Hawkins, the presidential candidate for the Green Party, spoke about the response to COVID-19, the United States' economy, how the party would pay for its agenda, health care, job creation, and other topics in a wide-ranging ETN interview Tuesday. Hawkins spoke to East Texas Now anchor Kayla Lyons Tuesday afternoon.  A recent ruling by the Texas Supreme Court paved the way for the Green Party's candidates to be on the Lone Star State's ballot for the Nov. 3 election. Continue reading

Hawkins on trickle down economics

Trickle down isn’t working for the working-class. The working-class needs a new direction. The working-class needs a Green New Deal. How has tickle-down economics worked for you? pic.twitter.com/wmk9foA9AL— Howie Hawkins (@HowieHawkins) October 6, 2020

Hawkins joins international call to shut down AFRICOM

  On the 12th anniversary of AFRICOM, Hawkins-Walker campaign joins international call to shut it down Today we are joining with organizations from across the world that have endorsed the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP)'s International Day of Action on U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM). The International Day of Action on AFRICOM aims to raise the public's awareness about the U.S. military's existence in Africa, and how the presence of U.S. forces exacerbates violence and instability throughout the continent. Continue reading