We are grateful to Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker for carrying the Green Party in 2020 as our nominees for President and Vice-President

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How progressive democrats almost re-elected Trump

By Howie HawkinsJanuary 1, 2021 By giving unconditional support to Joe Biden, progressive Democrats almost got Trump re-elected. Trump came within as few as 21,462 votes in Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin of winning the Electoral College. If those votes had gone to Trump instead of Biden, the Electoral College vote would have been tied 269-269. The election would have then gone to the House of Representatives under the Constitution’s 12th Amendment for a one-state, one-vote decision where Republicans have the majority in 26 state delegations of the incoming House. Continue reading

Replace the electoral college with a ranked-choice national popular vote for president

Democratic principles demand that the president should be elected by the people on the basis of one-person, one-vote. But today the Electoral College will elect the president based on an anachronistic anti-democratic 18th century system where some people’s votes count a lot more than others. For example, Wyoming has a population of 579,759 and three electoral votes. California has a population of 39,512,223 and 55 electoral votes. Do the math and you find that a vote in Wyoming counts 3.6 times more than a vote in California in the Electoral College. Continue reading

Biden bombs climate with Cedric Richmond pick

Howie Hawkins, the 2020 Green Party presidential candidate, condemned the appointment of Cedric Richmond to lead the White House Office of Public Engagement with business and the climate movement. "With the appointment of Richmond, Biden just told the climate movement there will be no honeymoon with the new administration," Hawkins said. Continue reading

Howie Hawkins unsurprised by election results, hopeful for Green Party

Syracuse presidential candidate Howie Hawkins expected the 2020 election to be a tough year for third parties. So when his Green Party campaign received less than 0.5% of the popular vote in New York state, he wasn’t surprised. “(In 2016), there was a lot of dissatisfaction with the candidates, and a lot of progressives wanted to cast a protest vote for the Green Party,” Hawkins said. “But 2020 was a referendum on Trump.” Continue reading

Thank you from Howie and Angela. Now, what's next?

We want to express our deepest thanks to all who supported our campaign through a particularly difficult year for Greens and independent socialists. Your encouragement gave us the strength and resolve to give the campaign our all. We’re not stopping. We are continuing to the fight for our program, to organize our grassroots political base, and to build cooperation across the independent green and socialist left. We have filed for the next election cycle as Howie Hawkins For Our Future so we can continue to raise and spend money on this political organizing. Continue reading

Hawkins Says the Green Opposition to the Next Administration Begins Now

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for president, said that while it was essential to ensure that all votes are counted before a winner is declared, it was equally important for people to demand that the next president move quickly on COVID relief, climate change, and health care for all.Hawkins said that he and the Green Party would help organize protests to demand that every vote is counted and that the next administration take swift action on the COVID, health, and climate crises. Hawkins released a statement outlining key issues for the Green Party moving forward. Continue reading

We've only just begun

We don't need to remind you that today is Election Day, because everywhere you turn, everyone is urging voters to show up at the polls. In case you still haven't voted, we have a state-by-state guide on what you need to do to cast your vote today. Staff and volunteers are still on the phones today, and if you can make another donation today to help us reach more voters, please do. Remember that some 100 million people who could vote in 2016, didn't, and we need to reach them TODAY. Continue reading

The Green Alternative to Red and Blue

Democrats say a vote for Biden is a vote for democracy. Howie Hawkins disagrees If you lean left, you're probably voting for Joe Biden. Howie Hawkins would like you to reconsider. Mr. Hawkins, 67, is a former teamster and construction worker and the Green Party's presidential nominee. A self-described anticapitalist and eco-socialist, Mr. Hawkins is running on Medicare for All, the Green New Deal and a $20 minimum wage. Continue reading

Green Party presidential candidate talks about environmental and economic policy

Because only the two main political parties—the Republicans and Democrats—have a real chance at winning most elections, Americans tend to forget about the third and fourth biggest parties, the Libertarian Party and the Green Party, respectively. This year, both these parties are fielding candidates for the nation's highest office. The Observer was able to secure an interview with the Green Party presidential candidate, Howie Hawkins, who spoke at length about the environmental-economic nexus, the basis of his party's platform. Aside from environmental sustainability and economic viability, the other two primary components of the Green Party's platform are democracy and social justice. Hawkins is a long time environmental activist and trade unionist who has unsuccessfully ran for a variety of political offices in the past. Continue reading

Democrats fought to keep the Green Party off some state ballots. What are they scared of?

Angela Walker of the Green Party says it's "very simple: The people who show up and vote Green or Libertarian ... are people who are not going to give their votes to the Democrats or the Republicans." Kim Brown: So several weeks ago, though it does seem as though it's been at least a few years when Joe Biden announced that Senator Kamala Harris was going to be his running mate for president. A lot of people, particularly democratic liberals were very excited. Oh, there's a black woman on the ticket. And a lot of us leftist progressives were like, there's already a black woman on a ticket of a national party. I'd like for everyone to meet Angela Walker, she is the VP candidate for Howie Hawkins, Green Party ticket for president 2020. And this is a very interesting conversation. First of all, Angela is a fascinating woman and she has a lot to offer a lot to talk about what the Green Party perhaps has to offer voters. And we want to begin the conversation actually talking about the ways to build political power beyond voting. Continue reading