We are grateful to Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker for carrying the Green Party in 2020 as our nominees for President and Vice-President

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Democrats’ efforts to deny ballot lines to Green Party is voter suppression

SYRACUSE, NY –  Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for President, said today that Democratic Party efforts to prevent him and VP nominee Angela Walker from being on the ballot was voter suppression that rivaled the more well-known efforts of Trump and the Republicans to undermine democracy . The Greens cited Democratic Party efforts seeking to block Green opposition from the ballot this year in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Montana. The Greens have sued over ballot access in several states. Five third parties have sued Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York state over recent laws seeking to eliminate them. Most states have rejected calls to reduce ballot access requirements this year despite the pandemic making it extremely dangerous and unsafe to collect petition signatures in person. Continue reading

Hawkins/Walker highlight voter suppression and election theft

Green Campaign Pledges to Ensure All Can Vote and All Votes Are Counted SYRACUSE, NY: In a statement released today, "Fight for the Right To Vote and To Have All Votes Counted," Green Party candidates, Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker highlighted the suppression of voters that has become part of US politics and pledged to work to ensure that everyone can vote and all votes are accurately counted. Their statement warns that President Trump is trying to sabotage the election in order to cling to power." Continue reading

'A big victory would be 5%': Green party's Howie Hawkins eyes progress

The 'original Green New Dealer' has a message that could attract disaffected Democrats  More than 6 million Americans voted for someone other than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in 2016's presidential race, but from the media coverage of the election you would never know it. In 2020, however, the candidates who are neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump are hoping to change that, and win more of the vote than ever before – and get some hard-earned recognition for it. Continue reading

Ralph Nader Telethon with Howie and Angela

Former Green/Independent Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader joineds Howie and Angela for their weekly livestream. They were also joined by H'20 Campaign Treasurer Travis Christal, who led a telethon throughout the night while Howie, Angela, and Ralph talked about independent politics and took supporter questions. This took place on August 11, 2020. Continue reading

Howie Hawkins: use Stock Transfer Tax to close state deficit

SYRACUSE, NY — With the breakdown of congressional negotiations on a COVID-19 relief package, Howie Hawkins called on Governor Cuomo today to close the state budget deficit by keeping billions of dollars in revenues from the Stock Transfer Tax. The state currently rebates those revenues fully to stock traders. Hawkins is the Green Party's presidential candidate. He was the party's candidate for governor three times against Cuomo. Continue reading

Hawkins charges Biden with complicity in Trump's covid crimes

SYRACUSE, NY – Howie Hawkins, the Green Party presidential candidate, said today that Joe Biden's silence on Trump's failed COVID-19 response makes him complicit in the widespread deaths and economic destruction."The US has 4% of the world's people, but 25% of its COVID-19 cases and deaths. Trump gave up. He's a loser. He should be charged with negligent mass murder. But Biden's silence makes him an accomplice," Hawkins said. Continue reading

They can't keep Chikesia Clemons down

By Howie Hawkins One of my first campaign stops in June 2019 after announcing my candidacy was in Mobile, Alabama, where among the group I spoke to was Chikesia Clemons. I didn’t know she would be there, but I had heard about her more than a year before she became aware of my candidacy. Chikesia was in the national news in April 2018 after she was assaulted by police for non-criminal behavior in a Waffle House. The case was covered by network news, the Washington Post, Teen Vogue, Shaun King, and many others. Benjamin Crump, who has represented the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, took her case. Rev. Al Sharpton went down to show support. Continue reading

Hawkins to hold press conference on August 6

Hawkins Announces Advancements In Ballot Access, Plans for Pandemic and Economic Collapse SYRACUSE, NY – Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins will be holding a press conference on Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Zoom. Hawkins will discuss the failure of the two governing parties to address the COVID-19 health and economic crises and the challenges of securing ballot access in the pandemic. Continue reading

Hawkins says Heal Act will "spread the pandemic and deepen the economic collapse"

Urges Both Parties To Rewrite Bills So They Are Adequate For The Crises The Green Party candidates for president and vice president, Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker have published Red Lines for COVID and Economic Recovery, which describes the Republican and Demoratic proposals as a danger to public health and the economy. "The bill proposed by the Republicans will turn schools and workplaces into superspreaders in their communities. It fails to include the essential steps of rapid testing, hundreds of thousands of tracers, and fully-funded COVID treatment, which are needed to safely re-open the economy," said Howie Hawkins. "The Democrats have put forward an inadequate bill and failed to alert Republicans to red lines that are essential in a successful bill. The two parties' proposals will spread the pandemic and deepen the economic collapse." Continue reading

Patience and tenacity in the Green Party

Howie Hawkins, The 2020 Presidential Nominee, Ain’t Lost In The Sauce I have a soft spot for the grassroots underdog. It’s endearing, their rabid challenge of the institutional leash, tugging to the point of asphyxiation for just a whiff of principle. Rebellion is a sexy peg no matter how you slice it. I can’t help but cheer from the corner of my mouth. Continue reading