We are grateful to Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker for carrying the Green Party in 2020 as our nominees for President and Vice-President

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Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins says Dems, Republicans not addressing needs of American people

Hawkins says policies like Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, and ending wars are supported by a majority of Americans but not the two major parties TOLEDO, Oh — Third parties have a long history in the United States. The Republican Party itself was a third party behind the Democrats and the Whigs in the 1800s. And with so many people taking issue with both of the modern major parties, third parties like the Libertarians and Green party have seen a surge of interest in the last decade. On Saturday, Libertarian candidate for president, Jo Jorgensen, was in Toledo speaking to and taking questions from a crowd of about one hundred people. On Sunday, WTOL 11 spoke with Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins. Continue reading

Hawkins to speak today in Indianapolis

On Sunday, October 25, 2020 at 2:00 p.m., U.S. Green Party Presidential Candidate, Howie Hawkins, will be at the Indiana State Capitol, joined by the President of Freedom First International, the Indiana Green Party, and other community activists for a Demonstration and Press Briefing highlighting a national effort that calls for communities to get out and vote! The event will be held outside the Indiana State Capitol, 200 W. Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204, located at the intersection of Capitol Avenue and Washington Street. Continue reading

Hawkins on Washington Journal

Washington Journal: Howie Hawkins Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins discussed his 2020 campaign for the White House on Saturday, October 24 on C-Span. Continue reading

How the major parties spoil the election

By Angela Walker, October 23, 2020 Republicans spoil elections by suppressing the Democratic vote and the Black vote. They orchestrate voter roll purges, most notably in the 2000 election in Florida, and restrict the number of polling places in Black and Brown communities. The GOP encourages voter intimidation at polling places, which seems to be higher this year. Democrats spoil elections by trying to suppress the Green vote, kicking us off the ballot, instead of embracing the proven nonpartisan solution to spoiled elections. The solution is replacing the Electoral College with a national popular vote using ranked choice voting. Continue reading

Housing is a human right

On this past Monday, Howie Hawkins appeared on a livestream where he was joined by special guests Kymone Freeman and Will Merrifield, to discuss the national housing crisis, which has been all but ignored in the presidential debates thus far. Kymone Freeman is an award-winning playwright, a 2010 Green For All Fellow, and the co-founder of We Act Radio (which the Washington City Paper named as DC’s Best Social Justice Radio Station in 2017)! Continue reading

Watch out for the signs of foul play at the polls

It's hard to overstate the effect of voter suppression. Every election, countless people are prevented from being able to cast their votes thanks to strict requirements, misinformation, and foul play. As expected, we're seeing evidence of this foul play all over the country. There's no low that Trump's team won't stoop to which means it's up to all of us to stay alert and call out voter suppression when we see it. Continue reading

Howie Hawkins To campaign with independent Green Senate candidate Lisa Savage in Maine on Wednesday

U.S. Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins will be in Maine on Wednesday and will have some availability for press interviews alongside independent Green U.S. Senate candidate Lisa Savage. Hawkins, and his running mate Angela Walker, are on the ballot in 30 states representing 73% of voters and 381 electoral votes. Including the other states where they are qualified write-in candidates, 96% of Americans, representing 514 of the total of 538 electoral votes, will be able to vote for the Hawkins/Walker Green Party ticket. Continue reading

Howie Hawkins, undefeated: The story behind Syracuse's most remarkable candidate

SYRACUSE, NY — Howie Hawkins has run for office more times than anyone in Syracuse's modern history. The 67-year-old is now in his 25th campaign. He'll lose this one, too. Hawkins is running for U.S. president on the Green Party line. He is on the ballot in 30 states. Continue reading

Celebrating the founding of the Black Panther Party

Thursday we celebrated the formation of the Black Panther Party 54 years ago in Oakland, California. The Black Panther Party clearly showed the willingness of regular people to organize and take action to protect their communities. Today, we find ourselves still calling for the changes that these brave people were fighting for in the 1960s: community control of the police, reparations paid to African Americans, and social/economicequality. Continue reading

Hawkins says Supreme Court nomination should wait until after the election

Wants To Overhaul The Anti-Democratic Nature Of The Court Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for President, said that while the nomination of the new Supreme Court Justice should wait until the next presidential term, it was also important to reign in the powers of the court, which he described as "an unaccountable, unelected super-legislative council of lifers." Hawkins challenged Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and the Senate Democrats to finally stand up to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and use the minority's parliamentary powers to delay the nomination. "The Democrats always shy away from the real fights in Congress, like we saw with their delay on impeachment and continuing unwillingness to challenge Attorney General Barr. Joe Biden shepherded through Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, and Anthony Kennedy as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Democrats allowed McConnell to roll them on the Merrick Garland nomination in 2016 without obstructing the Majority Leader with parliamentary maneuvers. They're all bark but no bite," he added. Continue reading