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Proud to endorse our candidates

As a founder of the Green-Rainbow Party, I am proud to endorse three special Green-Rainbow candidates who are running for statewide office! Jamie Guerin, a mother of five, is running for Massachusetts Treasurer. She is a long-time peace and environmental activist. She is a passionate advocate for economic justice policies that benefit the 99%. She will establish a state bank that would keep Massachusetts money in Massachusetts, and benefit municipalities with lower interest rates for infrastructure improvement borrowing. She will ensure that the growing cannabis industry is open to participation by lower income people and people of color. Continue reading

We're voting for Laura Wells for Congress & here’s why!

Pressure. Our votes are powerful, IF we use them to apply pressure toward the basics we need. The 1% controlling our country prefer that we don’t vote at all, or at least keep settling for the corrupt two-party system. Instead, we can pressure the system! Here are some of the reasons why people are voting outside the status-quo box in 2018. Continue reading

Kahn will fight for hydrogen fuel

Climate change is real. The latest report from the United Nations concludes we have 12 years to make significant changes before our way of life disappears. Dr. Lynn Kahn (G – Schroon Lake), a congressional candidate for NY-21, is brutally honest. “Climate change means more killer hurricanes, longer droughts, worse crop failures, new diseases and super bugs while centuries-old bacteria thaw out and infect us once again. This is Zero Hour for Mother Earth and we have run out of time.” Continue reading

It’s not too late to make a difference

With just 21 days before midterm elections, time is running out on our best opportunity to get the Indiana Green Party on the ballot. Please consider donating to our candidate for Secretary of State, Dr. George Wolfe. He is the Green Party’s write-in candidate who has been endorsed by 92 Counties Strategy. We have three weeks left to inform as many Hoosiers as possible about George Wolfe and how to write-in George Wolfe’s name on the ballot. We need your help! Continue reading

Green-Rainbow Candidate, Jamie Guerin, Barred from Participating in WGBH Debate for State Treasurer

October 10, 2018 – Today’s State Treasurer debate will be missing a key voice from a balloted candidate, that of Jamie Guerin, a long-time activist and Green-Rainbow Party member. Her "Why not invest in ourselves?" platform offers a concrete plan for reducing interest expenses on infrastructure projects, creating a socially just state investment program; a state bank, and eliminating corporate and Wall Street influence in Massachusetts politics. In fact, she herself does not accept donations from lobbyists or corporations that use them. Continue reading

Bowser-Bostick's Statement on Exclusion from Debate

On Saturday, October 6, Pittsburgh's WPXI-TV held a partial Pennsylvania Lt. Governor's debate in their studio. This face-to-face meeting of candidates was incomplete because it excluded half of the candidates. WPXI-TV undemocratically limited the political education that voters need and deserve to elect their next Governor & Lt. Governor by excluding the only two female and non-major-party candidates who have legally qualified to be on the General Election Ballot.The Green Party's Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick and the Libertarian Party's Kathleen Smith deserved to share the stage and to promote their views and creative solutions to some of PA's dire problems, alongside Democrat John Fetterman and Republican Jeff Bartos. Continue reading

Help Support the Michigan Green Party by voting for our Statewide Candidates

The November 6, 2018 election is right around the corner! Our Michigan Green Party candidates need your support. There are four candidates running for statewide office -- Marcia Squier for US Senate, Jennifer V. Kurland/Charin Davenport for Governor/Lt Governor, Kevin Hogan Graves for University of Michigan Regent, and Sherry A. Wells for State Board of Education. The highest vote getter in one of these statewide races will determine our ability to stay on the ballot as a statewide party. Continue reading

Green Candidate For NYS Comptroller Focusing On Climate Change

The Green Party candidate for New York comptroller, Mark Dunlea, says he isn’t in the race to win, but rather to highlight one key issue – combating climate change. Dunlea, was the longtime director of Hunger Action Network, a lobby group that advocates for services for the poor. He now works for the environmental group, and he says if he were comptroller, he would immediately divest the state’s pension fund of all investments in fossil fuel companies. Continue reading

Nobel Prize, IPCC Report Highlights Urgent Need for Action on Climate Change

On Eve of First Comptroller Debate, Dunlea Renews Call to Divest NY Pension Fund from Fossil Fossils, Enact Carbon Tax (Poestenkill NY) Mark Dunlea, the Green Party candidate for State Comptroller, said that the recent actions by the IPCC and the Nobel Prize Committee reinforces the need to divest the state pension fund from fossil fuels and for the state to enact a carbon tax. Continue reading

This isn't justice

On Saturday, the U.S. Senate made a terrible mistake that will harm all of us. The Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to a lifetime position as a Justice for the U.S. Supreme Court. Making this undemocratic decision even worse, the Senators who voted in favor of the confirmation voted in favor of party and against the interest of the majority of their constituents. Continue reading