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Join The Green Uprising & Put Greens In Congress!

I am thrilled to be partners with two Green Congressional candidates from Los Angeles. All three of us are running against incumbent Democrats, with no Republicans in the race. Please read an inspiring message from Jill Stein below. We can all raise our expectations, and pressure Washington to provide what we want and need! Laura Wells for Congress, District 13Web | Donate | Facebook | Twitter Continue reading

Madeleine Leveille for Connecticut State Rep

Madeleine Leveille speaks directly to issues that protect families, women, and our environment. She's ready to talk sense, working for the good of all, not the few. The 35th District includes Clinton, Killingworth, and parts of Westbrook. Leveille has been endorsed by the Shoreline Green Party as well as the Connecticut Green Party. Continue reading

We MUST Demand More!

WHEN OUR Green Party of New York campaign decided on the campaign slogan of Demand More! we had three points in mind. First, we wanted to “raise our expectations,” as Ralph Nader always enjoins us to do. In New York, that means, first of all, clean government. Public corruption is rampant. (And as Ralph always points out, we need to raise our expectation is terms of donations for our campaigns.) Continue reading

NY Times: Planet is Doomed; The Solution: Vote Green

(Albany) Howie Hawkins kicked off his general election campaign by appealing to progressives who voted for Nixon, Williams, and Teachout in the recent primary. He called on them to support the Green gubernatorial ticket of Hawkins and Jia Lee, as well as Michael Sussman for Attorney General and Mark Dunlea for Comptroller. Hawkins pointed out that the Green candidates are veteran activists of progressive movements, and are the most qualified for their offices. “The Green general election ticket is Plan B after the primaries for progressive voters,” Hawkins said. Continue reading

Ajamu Baraka endorses Glenn Ross and Andy Ellis

Since I ran for vice president in 2016, I have traveled the United States and talked with many Greens and others. A key to getting to the next level as a political party is showing we can challenge Democrats and win. If Greens successfully challenge leaders of the Democratic Party, suddenly many people who are fed up with the corruption of the Democratic Party and its subservience to big business interests will see they have an alternative. Continue reading

Divestment Tuesday – call Tom DiNapoli and urge him to divest from fossil fuels

Today is the first Divestment Tuesday, sponsored by Mark Dunlea, Green candidate for New York State Comptroller Please help in the effort to stop climate chaos by calling NYS Comptroller Tom DiNapoli at 518 474-4044 and urging him to divest the state pension funds from fossil fuels (you can also tweet him at @TomDiNapoli or @NYSComptroller). Script: Continue reading

An Open Letter to the Colorado AFL-CIO on Independent Rank and File Candidates

The following was sent to leaders of the Colorado AFL-CIO on September, 17th, 2018. The email responds to the body's rejection of myself as the only union member running for office in Boulder County in favor of the Democratic Party candidate, a professional politician with no union history whatsoever. The maneuver demonstrates the political crisis in the union leadership today, and compelled UFCW Local 7 to withdraw form the body on the principled ground that unions are required to support union members as an immediate political priority. Continue reading

Hawkins Progressive on Ballot, calls for Debates

I congratulate Andrew Cuomo on his primary victory and Cynthia Nixon for raising progressive alternatives. Now that the primary is over, I look forward to a robust debate with Cuomo, Molinaro, Sharpe, Miner, and Nixon, if she chooses to stay in the race. Continue reading

Stamas Vows to Review the Unfunded Mandate for Education if Elected State Auditor

As the Green-Rainbow Party for State Auditor, Edward 'Jed' Stamas, is committed to certifying that the Commonwealth is meeting its critical education goals. "We must ensure that all students across the state have equal access to the resources they need to meet their intellectual, economic and social needs. The Office of the Auditor is responsible for ensuring that our tax dollars for education are spent effectively and appropriately," said Mr. Stamas. Continue reading

Lynn Kahn on the Farm Bill

The 2018 Farm Bill is a weapon aimed at dairy farming, driving family farm bankruptcies and damaging rural economies. Federal policies set the price of farm milk BELOW the cost of production, a price of $15.50 for a cost of $21.39, guaranteeing extraordinary losses at least seven of the last eight years. As our government re-negotiates trade deals with Canada, we must resist the temptation to solve America’s dairy crisis by messing in the well-balanced, farmer-supported, supply management system of Canada. Continue reading