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Green Party Auditor Candidate Talks with Vets about Homelessness

St Louis – On October 6, 2018 Green Party candidate for Missouri State Auditor Don Fitz spoke at Mineral Area VFW Post 5741. In the brief movie clip below, Fitz explains that services such as these could be expanded if Missouri would stop wasting money on purchasing cancer-causing Roundup, privatizing medical care, and criminalizing marijuana. Continue reading

A Message from Aaron Camacho, Green for WI State Senate

Bozho, Jage Nagonan. Ndeshnekas Kewenkwe. Nishnabe manIn. – Hello, all my relations. My name is Aaron E. Camacho, a citizen of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation. As a daughter of Wisconsin, I am grateful for the privilege of reaching out to you from indigenous land. My intent is to engage in political discourse with you for the health of our democratic republic. In Wisconsin Senate District 31, I have secured ballot access for our upcoming election November 6, 2018. Know I am the only non-establishment, female and indigenous person running for office in our senate district. Continue reading

Meet Michael Sussman, Legendary Civil Rights Attorney and Attorney General Candidate

I think Michael Sussman is the best kept secret in this year’s statewide elections. He is — by far — the most experienced lawyer running, having litigated historic civil rights cases that impacted countless lives. Continue reading

Incumbent Refuses to Debate Challenger in the 42nd Assembly District

We are in the 2018 election cycle with the general election coming up on November 6th. The voter turnout for this general election is forecasted as being the largest turn out ever, especially in Flatbush and East Flatbush. Assembly member Rodneyse Bichotte has failed to provide sound legislation, has ignored the issues of community residents, takes money from the real estate industry and is divisive.  We can now add denying the community the right to hear a debate regarding the issues of the community to the list. Continue reading

With Your Help, We Can Win!

Baltimore, MD – Election Day is almost here and Early Voting begins today! Glenn Ross, Andy Ellis, and our dedicated volunteers have been working for over a year to get us this far. Going out in the dark of winter and the heat of summer, we have reached out directly to THOUSANDS of voters in every corner of East and Northeast Baltimore. We'd say it was hard work, but it was also exhilarating. So many Baltimore residents are ready for a change and know that it's time to stop choosing more of the same ... IT'S TIME TO CHANGE THE GAME. Continue reading

A Real Debate on Nov 1st

Syracuse, NY –  The first Gubernatorial debate for all candidates is being sponsored by the League of Women Voters, to be held on Thursday November 1. We hope you will make a donation so that we have the resources to get this debate the attention it deserves. Last night's corporate media-sponsored, ego-driven debate between Cuomo and Molinaro was predictably devoid of ideas and full of petulant misbehavior. That is an insult to New Yorkers who are facing social, economic and environmental crises. Continue reading

Pa. senate candidates speak from the Green and Libertarian parties

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- We are nearing the midterm elections and the republican and democratic candidates are not the only ones who have something to say. Among the most closely-watched contests is Pennsylvania's senate race. Continue reading

Investing billions of dollars in companies that are destroying life on our planet is morally wrong

Investing billions of dollars in companies that are destroying life on our planet is morally wrong. But is also increasingly a bad financial decision, with the fossil fuel industry underperforming the rest of the stock market in recent years. A new study shows that New York would have an extra $22 billion in its pension fund if it had divested. When the leading opponent of divestment in the Comptroller's office is provided a huge paycheck by the fossil fuel industry for little work after she leaves the office, the public is entitled to a far more comprehensive investigation that we have seen so far. Continue reading

Indiana Green Party on Verge of Making History in Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana – October 19, 2018 – According to Gravis Marketing, Indiana Secretary of State Candidate Dr. George Wolfe is polling at 4%. On October 6th Gravis Marketing released their polling results that were taken from October 12th through the 16th. The results showed Republican Connie Lawson at 35%, Democrat Jim Harper at 29%, Libertarian Mark Rutherford at 9%, George Wolfe at 4%, and 24% stating they are uncertain who they will vote for. Continue reading

We can win this

In less than three weeks, the people of Baltimore City will head to the polls to cast their votes for the 2018 Midterm Elections (and starting next Thursday for early voting!). My team and I have knocked on thousands of doors in the past 15 months, in the heat, in the pouring rain--nothing is more important than having one-on-one conversations with the neighbors who will be my constituents. We have talked with so many of you about your hopes and dreams for a better Baltimore. I am confident that, with your help, WE WILL WIN THIS NOVEMBER! My vision is a Baltimore City that works for all of us. Send me to Annapolis as your Delegate for District 40 and I will advocate for and support legislation that: Continue reading