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Working Families Party caves once again

The only vote left for progressives and socialists is the Green Party ticket after the Working Families Party once again nominated Andrew Cuomo. The WFPers who worked for Cynthia Nixon's campaign, and the progressive Democrats who voted for her, will find that it is Green Party’s platform that calls for real solutions to the problems we face, from the climate emergency to the growing concentration of wealth in the hands of the 1% that leaves many of us in the 99% struggling for living-wage jobs, affordable housing, on-time transit, good schools, and adequate health care. Continue reading

Torres stands up for workers in gubnatorial debate

Angel Torres, the Green Party candidate for Arizona Governor recently participated in a televised debate with Republican incumbent Doug Ducey and Democrat David Garcia, an education professor. The debate, sponsored by Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission, took place in Phoenix and was broadcast live by Arizona PBS/KAET, Channel 8. A long-time Teamster, he helped organize his workplace in 2004. Angel was one of the leading organizing activists for his union at the Phoenix airport, and was elected & served on his bargaining unit's first contract negotiating committee (2005-07). He has worked in the airline industry for 31 years, and is a member and union steward of Teamsters Local 104. Continue reading

Chris Hedges endorses Andy Ellis and Glenn Ross

The City of Baltimore, like many other cities in the United States, has not been well served by the Democratic or Republican Parties. The Democrats have been in complete control of every office in city politics for more than 50 years, an era of consistent downward decline. We cannot expect these parties that are indebted to Wall Street, K Street and developers to serve the interests of the people. It is essential that a party and candidates that represent the interests of the people build political power to challenge these failed institutions. The Democrats have worked hard to suppress any party from rising. In Baltimore the Republican Party is a non-party, but the Green Party is rising to be the second party in the city. Continue reading

Debates Should Be a Required Part of the Campaign Process

When Larry Hogan and Ben Jealous decided to have only one debate in a hotly contested gubernatorial race, many voters were angry and disappointed. When they had that debate Sept. 24, many voters and observers were calling for more, inclusive and better debate. Unfortunately, it is no longer unique in any political campaign to avoid meaningful and open debate. Continue reading

Hawkins to WFP: Let's Unite the Progressive Vote

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party of New York nominee for Governor, said he would be open to creating a joint ticket with the Working Families Party to unite the progressive vote for governor. Hawkins said he would be reaching out to the WFP co-chairs urging them to consider his offer. The WFP state committee is meeting Thursday night. Continue reading

Greenwich Green Candidate Gets Endorsement From NASW

Greenwich, CT – September 28, 2018 – In the midst of the opioid crisis and the demand for proper mental health care vastly outweighing the supply on state and nationwide levels, Green Party State Senate District 36 candidate, Megan Cassano examines these issues, among others, in her proactive, solutions-based platform, which earned her the endorsement from the National Association of Social Workers of Connecticut (CT PACE/Political Action Committee of NASW). She earned her Master's degree from Fordham University in 2003 (also obtaining a Specialization in Substance Abuse). She has been licensed as a Clinical Social Worker in the State of Connecticut since 2006 and has received advanced certifications in Trauma. Continue reading

Mayoral Candidate Robert Shields: Renewable energy among plans for borough

FAIRBANKS, AK — Robert Shields says the Fairbanks North Star Borough is ignoring opportunities to capture renewable energy, such as solar power and gas from rotting trash, that could save taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. Boosting renewable energy is part of his plan to make Fairbanks a global center for culture and commerce if he is elected borough mayor on Tuesday. Shields said he would start by putting solar panels on every municipal building, including schools. Continue reading

I sit in the aisle

People ask me why I am running for Congress in our district, so I thought I would take a minute to explain. After all, a number of my friends and neighbors feel that my presence in the race complicates the outcome. Some prefer that the choice be simplified, not because they so much support either Mike Bost or Brendan Kelly as opposed to one or the other. Some are afraid Bost will win. Others are afraid that Kelly will. No one seems to be afraid that I will win, and I think it’s because most of you could accept me as your representative. Continue reading

Kahn, armed with new spokesman, goes on offense

PLATTSBURGH, NY – The temperature is rising in the race for New York’s 21st Congressional District. Five weeks before voters head to the polls, Green Party candidate Dr. Lynn Kahn announced on Tuesday the hire of Paul Paterakis as campaign spokesman. Paterakis entered the ring with a flamethrower aimed at squarely at Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-Willsboro) and Democratic candidate Tedra Cobb. Continue reading

Laura Wells and Barbara Lee will participate in candidate forum

This is historic! Thank you for helping to make this happen! Barbara Lee and I will participate in a candidate forum at Oakland City Hall on October 5. It will be a one-on-one forum, with two progressives presenting our ideas and responding to questions from constituents, no Republican in the race. Continue reading