While the Green Party won't be selecting our presidential nominee until July of 2020, the race for the 2020 Green Party presidential nomination has already begun. The Presidential Campaign Support Committee has published the documentation for those seeking our nomination. The PCSC also maintains a document listing those seeking our nomination.

They are Sedinam Moyowasifza-Curry, Howie Hawkins, Dario Hunter, Dennis Lambert, David Rolde, Susan Buchser Lochocki, Kent Mesplay and Chad Wilson. Submitted questionnaires by the candidates are available here.

The national Green Party is committed to maintaining a neutral stance towards those seeking our nomination. The individual campaigns are responsible for supplying the material that appears below and a posting does not imply endorsement or approval of the content by any Green Party entity.

A new page has been created listing past forums of our 2020 Presidential Candidates. As new events are scheduled, they will be listed here as soon as possible.

A Woman's Place is in the House

"A Woman's Place is in the House" is a phrase used by misogynist men to tell women that their only value is what they can do for the man who has them in their home. Women were treated as less than domestic servants, often with fewer rights than the male child they bore and were raising.The hope of the 19th Amendment for many women of the time was to balance the rights of the women in the country with those of the men. Enfranchisement of women for many only meant they were going to double their husband's vote. Other women, like personal hero Shirley Chisholm, tried to take the next step to be the representative of all of America. Continue reading

Demilitarization is the Key to a Green New Deal

A funny thing happened to us as Green Party candidates in 2018. Howie Hawkins ran for New York Governor and Madelyn Hoffman for U.S. Senator from New Jersey. We were scolded by many progressives to drop out and unite behind the Democrats against Trump. Then immediately after the election some Democrats in Congress took the central theme of our campaigns — the Green New Deal — and grabbed the national spotlight. Continue reading

Not even CLOSE to giving up

Due to financial and health concerns, I am unable to maintain a viable Presidential candidacy. However, I remain committed to the Green Party. Its success is humanity’s survival. I will remain available, to all remaining candidates and to the Green Party, as a strategist, advisor and analyst, in my specialty fields of emergency management, disaster response, and national security/military affairs. Continue reading

Howie Hawkins Announces Campaign for Green Party Nomination for President

Releases Budget for an Ecosocialist Green New Deal Howie Hawkins announced in Brooklyn today that he is seeking the Green Party nomination for president. Hawkins was a co-founder of the Green Party in 1984 and the first US candidate to campaign for a Green New Deal when he ran for governor of New York in 2010. He has three times polled enough votes to give the Green Party ballot status in New York, finishing third each time. He has also ran for US Senate against Hillary Clinton in 2006 and for local office many times in Syracuse, New York, where he has polled between 35% and 48% in his last four races. A retired Teamster, he has been an activist for civil rights, peace, unions, and the environment since the 1960s. Continue reading

A People of Color Bill of Rights

As announced in Lansing, Michigan - Apr. 28, 2019 (at a meeting of the Capitol Area Greens). We have a Constitution, Bill of Rights, a federal statutory framework and state as well as local laws supposedly designed to enshrine and protect the rights of all. And yet we live in a country that systematically violates the rights of many, including but not limited to People of Color. Continue reading

Demand PR, Not Just RCV

Ranked-choice voting (RCV) refers to systems where voters rank their choices in order of preference. The good thing about these systems is that they eliminate the vote-splitting or lesser-evil problem of single-seat, plurality-wins elections like we have in most of the United States. Continue reading

End All Wars – Dennis Lambert for President

The sad truth of war is the ones who make the most sacrifice are the ones who are the most forgotten. As much as ten times more innocent lives are lost during war than combatants. Almost nobody who is a decision maker considers this when war is proposed or engaged in. Our nation has been at war in Afghanistan and Iraq for now over 17 years. Nearly a billion women, children and other non-combatants- innocent lives have been lost as well as over 5,000 American Service members. Libya is a failed state with slave auctions, Assad is still in power in Syria, and the United States military was not designed for illegal and un-Constitutional regime change wars. Our nation has spent trillions of our tax dollars on these wars while our children are malnourished, without healthcare, and at the same time crammed into smaller classrooms that are being threatened by gun violence nearly on a daily basis.#EndRegimeChangeWars Continue reading

Dennis Lambert Presidential Campaign announcement

It is a burden for Dennis Lambert to announce he is running for President of the United States. With the current failing political climate, and the failing environmental climate, it is not something that Dennis takes lightly nor easily. There are over 20 Democrats vying for the nomination for president, and the Republican Party has no courage to run another candidate against Donald Trump. Continue reading

2020 Green Party Presidential Newsletter

From the Green Party’s Presidential Campaign Support Committee (PCSC) Updated PCSC Web Pages The PCSC web pages have been updated for 2020. These pages provide some essential information on how to run for the Green Party nomination. They provide links to documents of interest to candidates and to Green Party voters. An attempt has been made to eliminate obsolete information from the 2016 campaign. Continue reading

How to Run on the Green New Deal in 2020

Now that some Democrats are promoting a Green New Deal — the signature program of the Green Party for the last decade—how should Green Party candidates run on that program in 2020? Green Party Origins of the Green New Deal by Howie Hawkins I was the first US candidate to run for office campaigning for a Green New Deal in 2010. As the Green Party candidate for Governor of New York, I called for a Green New Deal of more progressive taxes to fund expanded public spending on public schools, single-payer health care, public housing, and a job-creating emergency program for 100% clean energy by 2020. Continue reading