While the Green Party won't be selecting our presidential nominee until July of 2020, the race for the 2020 Green Party presidential nomination has already begun. The Presidential Campaign Support Committee has published the documentation for those seeking our nomination. The PCSC also maintains a document listing those seeking our nomination.

At this point in the nomination process, the following candidates have met basic criteria for official recognition by the Green Party of the United States. They are Howie Hawkins, Dario Hunter and David Rolde.

The national Green Party is committed to maintaining a neutral stance towards those seeking our nomination. The individual campaigns are responsible for supplying the material that appears below and a posting does not imply endorsement or approval of the content by any Green Party entity.

Green presidential candidate Dario Hunter picks running mate from MA

WALNUT, CA - Fresh off a decisive 81% win in the Green Party's Minnesota Caucus, Green presidential primary candidate and former Youngstown, OH School Board Member, Dario Hunter, announced tonight at a Boston campaign event that his running mate will be Holyoke, MA native Darlene Elias. Elias, a social worker and probation officer, is a former co-chair of the national Green Party and an activist for women's rights, the Latinx community and housing rights. A former candidate for Holyoke City council in 2015 and 2017, her activism with the Green Party began with a successful effort to prevent the demolition of Lyman Terrace, a low income housing complex in Holyoke, MA where she grew up. Continue reading

Dario Hunter wins the Green Party of Minnesota 2020 presidential caucus straw poll

MINNEAPOLIS – On Tuesday February 25, the Green Party of Minnesota held its 2020 Presidential Caucus Straw Poll, which was the first Green Party Presidential caucus in the country in this election cycle. Rank Choice Voting was the voting method, however Dario Hunter won in the first round with 81% of the vote. Candidates were encouraged to send in a 2 minute video about their campaign platform Dario Hunter appeared in person and spoke about his vision for America. Continue reading

Officially recognized as a candidate

To: David RoldeFrom: John Andrews, Sanda Everette, Co-chairs, PCSCCongratulations, David! This note is confirmation that you have been officially recognized as a candidate for the 2020 Green Party presidential nomination. Continue reading

Hawkins to respond to SOTU and Iowa Caucus

Tonight Howie Hawkins will be livestreaming a response to both Trump's State of the Union and the Iowa Caucuses and why we need to build a strong, ecosocialist Green Party. Use this link to join Howie tonight at 11:00 PM EST/8:00 PM PST.

New Year, New Push!

I've known Dennis Lambert for the last 24 years. He's always stood up for people as long as I've known him. He spent the last six years in service to veterans looking for benefits as a Veterans Service Officer, and getting them employment, tax refunds, federal and state benefits with the Military Veterans Resource Center, a non-profit based in Columbus.  Continue reading

End all wars podcast

This is the first episode dedicated to my platform End All Wars is a moral call to action in achieving peace and prosperity for humanity. Dennis Lambert is running for president in 2020 trying to get the Green Party nomination. Dennis will outline his objectives and issues he believes are important to the American people, discuss his policies and platform with friends, and other people he meets. Once a week Dennis will update you on his events, travels, and ideas while on the campaign trail. More information on the campaign is at www.dlpotus2020.com  Continue reading

No War with Iran or Iraq

Howie Hawkins demanding No War With Iran or Iraq at a Syracuse peace demonstration co-sponsored by the Green Party of Onondaga County "We mobilize (against war)  ... we can't just mobilize the usual suspects, we gotta organize so that next time we have more people, and after that more people, and whoever's in office hears from us and can't sleep because we won't let them sleep! We won't let them have peace until we really have peace!" Continue reading

We are making an impact

Dennis Lambert has done a lot between the Annual National Meeting of the Green Party til today. To get started, Dennis was able to start pulling together a staff to help with fundraising, campaign management, and a treasurer. Next we filed with the FEC and the Green Party Presidential Campaign Support Committee for recognition from both entities. Continue reading

David Rolde advances proposal for Green Party to call for the total elimination of the U.S. military

As a candidate for the 2020 Green Party U.S. Presidential nomination, one of the main issues that I have been focusing on is calling for the U.S. military to be totally eliminated. The GPUS and the Green Party Presidential nominee should be calling for the U.S. military budget to be reduced to zero, not just cut by 50% or some other arbitrary amount. I have been an anti-imperialist anti-war activist for at least 18 years. Elimination of the U.S. military has been my political position (and the position of many other anti-imperialist anti-war activists who I work with) for a long time since before I ever thought of running for the GPUS Presidential nomination.  Continue reading

Time for the internet to be controlled by the public not corporate interests

It is time for the public to take back control of the Internet, a technology that was created with public dollars, so it serves the people’s interests. Under President Trump, there have been backward steps for the Internet and mass communication. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has always been corporate occupied territory. The next president needs to appoint commissioners who represent the public interest, not the corporate interests of telecoms. Continue reading