Coronavirus 2020 — Green Party National and State Responses

"COVID-19 has exposed how poorly prepared the U.S. healthcare system is to handle an epidemic,” said Green Party National Co-Chair Margaret Flowers, who also serves on the Board of Advisors to Physicians for a National Health Program. “We've missed the window for containing the virus through screening, testing and monitoring infected people and their contacts — as they did in China, South Korea and other countries. And so we can expect millions of cases.” Flowers also warned that “getting ill in the United States carries the extra burden of potential financial ruin. We need to move to a National Improved Medicare for All health system and paid medical leave as rapidly as possible."

The Green Party stands for Medicare for AllGreen Party platform plank on Health Care

How to petition during the COVID-19 pandemic

BALTIMORE – The Maryland Green Party is calling on the General Assembly, Governor, and Board of Elections to place our party on the ballot for the November general election, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

We have been petitioning throughout the state to collect over 10,000 signatures to get back on the ballot.

Our party's participation in the democratic process should not be made impossible or dangerous due to the declared public health emergency.

Saving humanity from coronavirus and climate change

Death stalks us.

Fear Grows.

Humanity is threatened at both the micro and macro levels. Covid-19. Climate change.

Underlying all of this is inequality, fueled by robber-baron capitalism. And a lack of democracy.

US can learn from the world - 3 encouraging things!

By Laura Wells 

During this coronavirus pandemic, it is easy to see that many other countries have responded more quickly and with better and more available testing and treatment than the US has.

It is also easy to see that we would benefit by shifting away from acting as if the US is a world unto itself, toward an attitude of learning from other countries. Ironically, as the three examples in this post will show, even if we only consider solutions the US has practiced in history, we would be better off now.

Illinois Green Party ballot access drive begins

  • But Greens Demand Emergency Relief Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

WHEATON, Il (March 24, 2020) –  The Illinois Green Party (ILGP) has placed its presidential candidate on the statewide election ballot in every presidential year since 2008, with over 117,000 Illinois voters choosing Green Party Senate candidate Scott Summers in 2016. Yet oppressive ballot access laws in Illinois -- among the worst in the nation -- repeatedly force the Greens to collect tens of thousands of petition signatures from registered voters in each election cycle just to get their candidates’ names on the ballot.

Lawsuit: Ease requirements for 3rd-parties in Georgia amid coronavirus

In a time of "social distancing" and the coronavirus, third-party candidates shouldn't have to go door-to-door collecting over 20,000 signatures to get on the ballot in Georgia, according to a federal lawsuit filed Thursday.

The lawsuit by Libertarian Party and Green Party nominees for the U.S. House of Representatives asked a judge to reduce the signature requirement to account for days lost because of social distancing guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Coronavirus may keep 3rd-party presidential candidates off the ballot

Third-party candidates may be off the ballot this November unless petitioning requirements are relaxed, Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins told Yahoo News on Wednesday.

Hawkins said on the Yahoo News podcast “Skullduggery” that the Green Party may be unable to get on the ballot in as many as 30 states — including Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — due to state laws requiring third parties to collect thousands of signatures on ballots to qualify. Hawkins said it will be impossible to meet these requirements in light of White House guidelines urging citizens to stay at home and avoid social gatherings.

Pennsylvania Greens organize for 50th anniversary of Earth Day

PHILADELPHIA – "Earth Day, April 22, is important to members of the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA)," said Chris Robinson, leader of GPPA's communication team. "In past years, GPPA has held big events for Earth Day. I remember when we organized with our movement friends to hold Earth Day 2013 demonstrations at every regional office of the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) because they were not protecting the environment from the fossil fuel industry."

Don't Let COVID-19 Knock Grassroots Candidates Off The Ballot

It's time to waive ballot petitioning for ballot access

  • Virginia Ballot Access Petitioning Requirements and COVID-19

The Green Party of Virginia sent the following statement today to the government of Virginia requesting that they waive the petitioning requirement for ballot access in light of the present pandemic.

Response to the coronavirus pandemic

  • Strength Through Equality


The unfolding epidemic of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) infections has laid bare the weaknesses in this country's healthcare infrastructure as well as the massive inequalities and economic weaknesses of our country's abusive system.