South Dakota Greens gain accreditation with national Green Party

The South Dakota Green Party announced in a press release on Thursday that it had secured its official accreditation with the National Green Party of the United States. In the release published on the Green Party of the United States website, Shaun Little Horn, Chair of the South Dakota Green Party, broke the news and expressed his enthusiasm for the new organization, saying that it is "not just a party; it's a promise." Continue reading

Missouri Green Party fights for space on state’s 2024 ballot. Will it find favor?

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Outside the bustle of the Columbia Farmers Market, Les Hahn was busy selling registered voters on an alternative political party’s quest to make the Missouri ballot in 2024. The Missouri Green Party, with none of its statewide candidates winning at least 2% of the vote in 2018 and 2020, failed to make Missouri’s ballot last year. Continue reading

SCOTUS Declines to hear Libertarian and Green Parties’ case

May Threaten Third Party Ballot Access in New York State Libertarian and Green Parties contend that a two-thirds supermajority in New York legislature and no ballot access for third parties makes it a one-party state. The U.S. Supreme Court has issued a decision to deny the writ of certiorari petition for an appeal brought forth by the Libertarian Party of New York and the Green Party of New York, concluding their legal battle over New York State’s ballot access thresholds. The petition, which was filed on March 13, 2023, sought to challenge the increase in ballot access requirements implemented in 2020. Continue reading

Arizona Greens push to regain party recognition and get on 2024 ballot

PHOENIX — The Arizona Green Party is collecting signatures to register as a new party after losing party recognition in the state in 2019. If the party is successful, it will be ballot eligible for the 2024 elections. Parties looking to qualify for recognition must submit at least 34,127 valid signatures to the Secretary of State’s office by Nov. 30. In order to ensure enough signatures are valid, the Green Party is aiming to collect 70,000 signatures by that date and had collected 41,601 as of Sept. 30. Continue reading

Supreme Court won't hear challenge to New York law on ballot access for minor parties

The U.S. Supreme Court will not hear a challenge to New York's 2020 election reform laws that raised the threshold for third political parties to appear on the ballot. In the past, to achieve statewide ballot status, minor political parties needed to earn 50,000 votes for their candidates in the previous election. In other words, they needed 50,000 votes to qualify for the ballot every four years – rules that have been in place for decades. The law passed three years ago now requires that minor parties garner 130,000 votes or 2% of votes cast. Failure to do so would mean removal from the ballot in the next cycle. In addition, they demand that qualifications occur every two years, rather than four, at the gubernatorial and presidential elections. Continue reading

Expanding democracy

Over the past couple of months, columnist Harriet Hausman has written several pieces that can generally be grouped under the topic of “defending American democracy.” Her recent column of Aug. 30 was entitled, “Highest priority: voting rights.” We, the West Side Greens, both applaud Harriet and share her concern about the threats to democracy. We wish to put forth the position that what is needed at present is an expansion of democracy. Continue reading

Greens Have 3,500 Signatures on Petition to Form Party, Seeking 2,000 More as Cushion

Pine Ridge organizer Shaun Little Horn corrects my report on the Green Party’s petition drive for official party status in South Dakota. The Greens had posted online last month that they were “just 2000 signatures away from securing ballot access for our candidates.” Given it takes 3,502 signatures to qualify as an official party, that figure suggested the Greens had 1,500 signatures in hand, a rather slim increase from the 1,000 they said they had on their petition a year ago. Continue reading

Greens Petitioning for Official Party Status in South Dakota, Need to Speed Up Signature Collection

The Green Party is circulating a petition to win official political party status in South Dakota. To place any candidates on South Dakota’s general election ballot in 2024, budding Greens must submit a petition with the signatures of at least 3,502 registered South Dakota voters to the Secretary of State by July 1, 2024. State law would then give the Greens the right to nominate Presidential electors, statewide candidates, and Congressional and Legislative candidates at convention by August 13, 2024. Continue reading

Green Party run for Dr. Cornel West

Jake Tapper’s got jokes. While talking to Dr. Cornel West about his presidential run with the People’s Party, the CNN host said, “I don’t think the People’s Party was on the ballot in all 50 states last time.” With a CNN budget and no doubt a host of producers, you’d think he might know that: 1) The People’s Party didn’t exist until after the end of the 2020 presidential election, 2) it was created by disappointed Bernie Sanders supporters, 3) it doesn’t yet have presidential ballot access in any of the 50 states, not even Florida, and 4) qualifying for ballot access in 50 states is a herculean task. Continue reading

Cornel West seeking Green Party nomination for presidential run

Progressive activist Cornel West announced he is seeking the Green Party nomination for president in 2024 after declaring his candidacy for the People’s Party nomination last week.  West said that he decided to run as a candidate for the Green Party to try to build a “broad United Front and coalition strategy.”  Continue reading