Women's Equality

The Green Party makes a strong and urgent call for U.S. passage of CEDAW, the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women, which was adopted in 1979 by the UN General Assembly and ratified by 173 countries. It is also known as the Women's Convention, the Women's Bill of Rights, and an International Bill of Rights for Women. The United States is one of a very few countries and the only industrialized nation that has not ratified it.

Women's Equality is an important part of our platform.

The National Women's Caucus (NWC) is sponsoring a national lobby in DC in April. Details can be found at Greens vs. Greed and here.


The National Women's Caucus of the Green Party of the United States thanks Professor Christine Blasey Ford for coming forward to offer her testimony about the wisdom of not choosing Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill a vacancy on the US Supreme Court. This testimony has not only demonstrated indelibly why Judge Kavanaugh should not be confirmed to this position, it clarifies for the nation the societal issues involved, in denial of harm and of victim shaming, that should inform any future candidate for the bench, or for any positions of power and judgment.

At the just held, Traverse City State Membership Meeting (SMM), the Michigan Women's Caucus was officially formed. Open to all members of the Green Party of Michigan, here is your chance to get in on the ground floor. Plans are to trade information and meet up at the Next SMM at the latest.

The next SMM is set for Saturday, November 10th after the elections.

August 30, 2018 — Congressional Candidate Michelle Louise Bicking has recently been honored with the distinction of being an officially Approved Candidate by the Women’s March CT. Bicking is the first Caribbean-American woman of color to run for Congress in Connecticut, and is promoting a progressive platform of Peace and Justice, versus a long-term incumbent, Joe Courtney, who is the recipient of much support and many contributions over the years from manufacturers of military weapons.

Bicking is a fervent Pro-Choice supporter as well as advocate for pay and gender equity and LGBTQIA rights. Additionally her platform distinguishes her from Courtney in calling for Eliminating Mass Incarceration and Student Debt, and Building a Peace Economy, as outlined on her website and on Facebook.

Three debates between the candidates running for the 21st Congressional District of New York were announced today. The announcement, sent in a press release from incumbent U.S. Rep. Elise M. Stefanik, said that the debates will include Democratic candidate Tedra L. Cobb and Green Party candidate Lynn Kahn.

The debates will be televised and hosted by three local TV channels — Mountain Lake PBS in Plattsburgh on Oct. 23, WWNY in Watertown on Oct. 30, and Spectrum News in Albany on a date to be announced.

Michigan Green Party gubernatorial candidate, Jennifer V. Kurland (Redford, MI), expressed dismay Wednesday over several key rulings handed down by the Supreme Court of the United States. Kurland said the decisions are among the worst ever made by the Court and reflect the opinions of the conservative ideologues who make up the majority.

"By ruling that anti-abortion health clinics have no obligation to fully inform women of their legal healthcare options, the majority on the Court have placed so-called free speech of the clinics over a woman's right to know," Kurland said. "Healthcare for women, most notably women of color, in our country is woefully insufficient and the maternal death rate in our country is already one of the highest among first world countries."

Salt Lake City, Utah - The Green Party of Utah (GPUT) is denouncing the U.S. Federal Government’s practice of separating children from their immigrant families and is demanding the dismantling of ICE to put an immediate halt on inhumane policies.

The Green Party Platform on Immigration stands firmly for social justice for all those living in this country regardless of their immigration status. Calling for humane policy and laws are consistent with Green Values, and the nation’s values.

The Green Party of the United States has endorsed the Women's March on the Pentagon to be held on October 20-21, 2018, on the 51st anniversary of the 1967 March on the Pentagon. Prominent Green Party activists are among the organizers, including Cheri Honkala, with the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign. Honkala was the Green Party's 2012 vice presidential candidate.

"Poor Women suffer daily at the hands of war. No longer can we stand by, we must raise our voices together for the sake of the planet and generations to come," said Honkala.

It's great to have a day dedicated to honoring and appreciating motherhood. But instead of buying a card and flowers, how about doing something more meaningful — like honoring motherhood by volunteering some time for the peace movement?

Hey, flowers are great — in nature. But it is not really honoring motherhood, and certainly not Mother Earth, to support the commercial practice of growing tons of pesticide-laden flowers in Ecuador and Colombia, then consuming tons of fossil fuels to ship them to U.S. consumers — so that they can look and smell pretty for two or three days before being thrown in the trash. And unless labor conditions have improved in the last few years, the ephemeral joy that your mother might experience from a bouquet comes with a bitter irony. More than likely, the true costs include the suffering and pesticide contamination of mothers in Colombia or children in Ecuador.

from the Mobile Bay Green Party

A recent turn of events at a Waffle House in Saraland, Alabama has brought attention to the very real, pervasive, and systemic problem of racism and police brutality.

Chikesia Clemons, aka Keke, a 25-year-old black woman, was met with harsh brutality from Saraland Police after they were called by an employee of the Saraland Waffle House due to an argument over a dubious extra charge for plastic cutlery. When Chikesia asked for their corporate number to air her concerns of unfair treatment, a dispute broke out between the two parties. An employee at the Waffle House called the police, and the police, upon arrival, made no attempt to investigate or deescalate the situation; instead, police dragged her out of her chair -- resulting in the exposure of her naked body -- placed her in a choke hold, and threatened to break her arm.