Single Payer


The Health Care section of the Platform of the Green Party opens with the following statement.

The Green Party supports single-payer universal health care and preventive care for all. We believe that health care is a right, not a privilege.

Our current health care system lets tens of thousands of people die each year by excluding them from adequate care, while its exorbitant costs are crippling our economy. The United States is the only industrialized nation in the world without a national health care system.

Below are articles and press releases detailing support for single payer from the national, state & local parties, and our candidates.


By Carl J. Romanelli

PHILADELPHIA – Over the past 20 there is hardly a day that passes in which we don’t see articles, news stories or social media posts regarding healthcare. The power of the for-profit health insurance industry, as well as medical and pharmaceutical lobbies, has diluted and distorted the traditional meaning of many of the terms associated with a healthcare overhaul. Despite this, the Green Party has remained a steadfast supporter of healthcare reform.

For clarity, let’s examine some of those terms.

PHILADELPHIA – The Green Party of Pennsylvania stands with those who are demanding the Democratic Progressive Caucus in the US House of Representatives withhold their votes for Speakership (Nancy Pelosi) to force a vote on the floor for Medicare for All. This would expose the members of the Democratic Party who have refused to sign on for Universal Healthcare during a global pandemic. It also reveals that representatives who have campaigned on Medicare for All are more concerned with their personal careers, party loyalty, and upholding the obsolescent duopoly rather than fulfilling a promise they made to voters in their district. This is a unique moment because there is a short window in which progressives in Congress can have leverage to bring the bill to the floor for the first time and the need for Medicare for All is greater than ever.

  • Independent U.S. Senate candidate Lisa Savage wants the country to have universal health care, specifically backing the Medicare for All.

YARMOUTH, Maine — When you’re running as an underdog, any signs of support can be welcome. Lisa Savage says she has found support at farmers’ markets, like the one in Yarmouth, where one voter explained why he ranked her first. 

“A lot of it is the outside money going into the other traces,” that voter told Savage during a recent visit, referring to the massive amounts of money going to the two parties' candidates in the race—close to $90 million as of October 1. 

  • Latest news from the Green Party of Allegheny County (GPOAC)

PITTSBURGH – With about a month to go before election day, we need ALL HANDS ON DECK to get the word out about our Green candidates! Check out the events and ideas below for ways you can get involved.

Join The Medicaid March on Thursday 10/1

By now we’ve all heard about the coronavirus, but have you heard that people potentially exposed to the virus aren’t being tested because they don’t have health insurance?
Healthcare is a public need. We need each other to be healthy so that we can all thrive.

ST LOUIS – Join the Gateway Green Alliance, the Universal African Peoples Organization and Missourians for Single Payer for a public forum on on the high cost of medicine on Thursday, March 12.

Ethical Society, Hanke Room
9001 Clayton Road
Ladue, Missouri, 63117
6:30 p.m.


December 19, 2019ALBANY, NY – The Green Party of New York announced its four top state legislative priorities for 2019: enact Single-Payer Universal Healthcare through passage of the NY Health Act; move towards a Green New Deal with an initial $10 billion annual investment, a halt to new fossil fuel infrastructure including in homes and buildings, and a declaration of a climate emergency; Marijuana Legalization and Criminal Justice Reform and Electoral Reform, starting with overturning the Public Campaign Finance Reform Commission's ballot access thresholds, reform of the campaign finance system they constructed, alongside ranked-choice voting and proportional representation to ensure democratic elections in New York State.

  • This forum is sponsored by the Gateway Green Alliance, Universal African Peoples Organization and Missourians for Single Payer

ST. LOUIS – What are major problems with health care in the US that make it inaccessible for the poor, the working poor, and middle class families who often have insurance plans? Why is health care so expensive? Why does the US have higher infant and maternal mortality rates compared with some, poor countries?

Have you noticed? More people are talking about a National Improved Medicare for All single payer health program to solve our ongoing healthcare crisis.

Thanks to decades of advocacy for single payer by Greens across the country and others, the Democrats are talking seriously about Medicare for All and, for the first time, a majority of Republicans support it.