Welcome to the Green View

Editor’s note: This is the first edition of Green View, which we are happy to announce will be a regularly appearing political column running the third week of every month.  Readers of the Tompkins Weekly are accustomed to reading the “Republican View” and the “Democratic View”. The “Green View” is offering an alternative to more of the same. There is of course some divergence on the issues between the two major parties. However, under the corporate “duopoly”, as Joe Biden himself promised to his wealthy donors, nothing is going to fundamentally change. Yet fundamental change is vital if we are to avert climate catastrophe, if we are to become an equitable society, if we are to end our involvement in criminal and potentially world-ending warfare.  Continue reading

Green Party approved for Wisconsin presidential ballot

MADISON – The Wisconsin Elections Commission approved a request late Thursday to allow Green Party candidates to appear on the 2024 election ballots, joining other third-party candidates that could chip away at Democratic President Joe Biden's vote totals in the upcoming presidential election. Continue reading

Muslim and Arab-American Voters Show Black People How to Exercise Political Power

Jaylani Hussein of CAIR Minnesota leads Abandon Biden protest (Image: Screenshot from WCCO) Black voters feel trapped in the duopoly but other groups are giving a master class in political courage. The Abandon Biden campaign shows the way. Face the Nation Host Margaret Brennan: Thasin, you did change your mind on the president. Why? Thasin: I was a champion for Joe Biden until October 7. I feel he disowned us, disenfranchised us, with his stance on Gaza. Brennan: What do you mean by that? Continue reading

Green Party of Philadelphia hosts presidential candidates forum

The sounds of the Market-Frankford train above made the Zoom presentations difficult to hear, and the start of the event was delayed by 40 minutes due to a bevy of technical issues. But four Green Party candidates persevered at a forum presented by the Green Party of Philadelphia on Tuesday, giving their pitches for why they should represent the environmentally conscious political party.  The candidates met at the Poor People’s Economic and Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) office on Kensington Avenue, and all four mostly agreed on hot button issues like addressing climate change, affordable housing, and criminal justice matters.  Continue reading

Green Party of New York, former presidential candidates Ralph Nader, Howie Hawkins call on Stefanik to resign

The Green Party of New York and about 125 upstate New Yorkers have signed onto a letter demanding Rep. Elise M. Stefanik resign from her seat representing the 21st Congressional District because of her support of Israel in the violence in Gaza. It's got the support of Ralph Nader, 89, a repeat third-party, then independent presidential candidate from nearly 30 years ago, and his Washington-based group, the Center for Study of Responsive Law. Continue reading

Libertarian and Green Parties Both Use Stand-Ins on Ohio Presidential Petitions

Both the Libertarian Party and the Green Party are circulating independent presidential petitions in Ohio. Because neither party has yet chosen national nominees, each is using stand-ins on the petitions. Ohio law explicitly allows stand-ins, who will resign from the ticket when the actual nominees are known. The Libertarian petition now carries the names of Tricia Sprankle for president and Ken Moellman for vice-president. Continue reading

Utahns will see an additional political party on their ballots in 2024

The Green Party of Utah will appear on the ballot in 2024 and 2026 When Utahns receive their ballots for the 2024 and 2026 elections, they’ll see an additional party on there: The Green Party. The Green Party of Utah announced in a press release that the party received notification from the Utah Lieutenant Governor’s Office that it achieved ballot access. To achieve ballot access, 2,000 registered voter signatures were required. Continue reading

Longmont Green Party to host ‘Break The System’ candidate forum Jan. 5

The Longmont Colorado Green Party is scheduled to host a “Break The System” forum for various congressional candidates on Jan. 5. The free, virtual event will occur from 5-6 p.m. online and may be viewed via Zoom. Those interested in watching can register ahead of time by visiting longmontgp.org. Continue reading

Arizona Green Party makes a comeback

The Arizona Green Party will be able to run candidates on the ballot once again for the 2024 and 2026 election cycles.  Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes announced last week that the party met the signature requirement to qualify after losing their party status in 2019. Continue reading

Arizona Green Party Submits 63,000 Signatures on Party Petition

On November 28, 2023, the Arizona Green Party submitted its petition for party status. It had approximately 63,000 signatures. The requirement is 34,116. Assuming the petition is valid, the party will be on the Arizona ballot for 2024 and 2026. In Arizona, when a party submits a petition, it gets the next two elections. Continue reading