Big names knocked off NY ballot for governor

The NY Board of Elections has ruled that petitions filed by all of the minor political parties to get candidates on the ballot in November were invalid and failed to meet the very high threshhold of 45,000 valid sigatures statewide. Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor and former Green Party candidate for President; Larry Sharpe, the Libertarian Party for Governor and former Libertarian Party candidate for vice-president; and Harry Wilson, who recently lost the republican primary for Governor, was placed on the ballot by the UniteNY party. It is unclear whether Wilson would have accepted the UniteNY party line, but the point was moot as Unite joined with the Green, Libertarian, Freedom, and New Visions candidates in being denied ballot access this year. Continue reading

'Blatantly Partisan': NC Green Party Candidate Slams State Dems for Denying Ballot Petition

"It's a slap in the face to the thousands of people who signed," said Matthew Hoh, the Green Party's presumptive U.S. Senate nominee. The North Carolina Green Party's presumptive U.S. Senate nominee accused the state's Democratically-controlled Board of Elections of "a corrupt, lawless, and blatantly partisan attack on democracy" after it voted Thursday against certifying Green Party's petition for its candidates to appear on the November ballot. Continue reading

Death of Democracy in America

The last time democracy nearly died all over the world, and almost all at once, Americans argued about it, and then they tried to fix it If the Republican and Democratic Parties are virtually identical on most issues involving big money, like the military, banking, corporations, and so on, you don't have a democracy. Democracy implies choice among many alternatives. We have virtually no alternatives. Hence this video by Briahna Joy Gray, which spells out a "Dem-Exit" in progress, as many Democrats wake up to the fact that the party almost never keeps its promises and is mainly engaged in raising money for itself and maintaining its increasingly tenuous grip on power. Continue reading

Green Party says Democrats used tricks to block them from ballot

The North Carolina Green Party had its petition to be recognized as an official party in state elections denied, in a 3-2 party-line vote, at the N.C. State Board of Elections on June 30. But the NCGP is crying foul, alleging the Elias Law Group — a powerful firm used by national Democrats, which was also successful in getting North Carolina’s election maps thrown out — used lying, bullying, and harassment to influence the decision.matt Continue reading

With U.S. Senate seat at stake, Democrats warily watching NC Green Party's possible recognition

The State Board of Elections will meet later this week to determine whether to grant the North Carolina Green Party official recognition, a decision that could have significant implications for a closely watched U.S. Senate race. Certification from the state board would enable registered North Carolina voters to affiliate with the Greens and it would allow Matthew Hoh to add his name to the ballot for this year's U.S. Senate race, a seat opened up by Republican Richard Burr's pending retirement at the end of what is his third term. Continue reading

The Green Party of the U.S calls for a “Green New Deal.”

As climate scientists continue with their warnings about climate change and its disastrous consequences, the Green Party of the United States wants to add pressure on the Biden administration to take urgent action. Inspired by former president Franklin D Roosevelt’s “New Deal” during the 1930s, President Biden proposed the “Build Back Better” plan in 2020, aimed at reviving the American economy after the COVID-19 pandemic and its socio-economic consequences. The recovery plan included government funding for jobs, healthcare, infrastructure, and green energy. Continue reading

Green Party of Hawai’i announces 2022 State Convention

The Green Party of Hawai'i (GPH) will host their 2022 Annual State Convention, on Saturday, June 11, 2022, from 12 to 3 p.m. HST, via both video/teleconference on Zoom and onsite on O'ahu at the Church of the Crossroads, located at 1212 University Avenue, Honolulu. At the GPH 2022 Annual State Convention, officers will be elected, and any proposed By-Laws or Platform changes will be voted on. The party will also introduce its 2022 Green Party candidates. Continue reading

Opponents seek to kill nuclear development bill

COLUMBUS, OH — A small group on Wednesday protested a bill that backers say could better position Ohio to take advantage of opportunities related to the next generation of nuclear power. House Bill 434 would create a new state panel to steer potential development. It has already passed the Ohio House of Representatives with strong bipartisan support. Continue reading

Montana Green Party will be on 2022 ballot, judge orders

Quentin Rhoades, an attorney for the Montana Green Party, argues in a 2018 court hearing in Helena over whether the party's candidates should remain on the ballot. Photo by Thom Bridge A federal judge in Helena has ruled that the Green Party will be on Montana ballots in 2022, following an appeals court ruling in November that nixed a portion of the state’s law setting out qualifications for minor parties. Continue reading

New York's Party Suppression is a Form of Voter Suppression and Elitism

Many are outraged at recent Republican laws enacted in many states that affect voting rights. But we all should be outraged at Democrats in New York who have enacted laws to undermine voting rights in our state. These new rules ensure that only the elites in New York can run for office, that hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers will be prevented from voting for whom they truly support, limiting our choice and therefore silencing our voice. Over 250,000 New Yorkers voted for alternatives parties in 2018. Ending achievable candidate access to the ballot, as well as voter access to the election process disenfranchises voters for alternative parties like those we represent, the Green Party and the Libertarian Party. Continue reading