Green Party’s outlook on last election, democracy

We need to stop the industrial assault on ecology that's promoted by the two political parties that claim total control over our government with no other parties' input. That's exactly what happened in the last presidential election here in Pennsylvania. The Green platform has 10 key values: grassroots democracy; social justice and equal opportunity; ecological wisdom; non-violence; decentralization; community-based economics; feminism and gender equality; respect for diversity; personal and global responsibility; and future focus and sustainability. The first four values all should be core values all Americans agree on. Continue reading

Green Party issues prez challenge

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, You Tough Enough to Run for Us?!? Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will get clobbered as a third-party Presidential candidate unless he's willing to stand up to billionaires and fight for everyday people ... so says the Green Party. As you may have heard ... the WWE superstar-turned Hollywood megastar now says he'd seriously consider running for Prez "if that's what the people wanted" -- but Green Party spokesperson Michael O'Neil's not sure The Rock's got the stones. Continue reading

Brookline man announces bid as Green Party candidate for Pittsburgh City Council seat

Pittsburgh residents who live in the city’s South Hills neighborhoods have options when it comes to deciding who they want to represent them on city council. Connor Mulvaney, 27, of Brookline, is seeking the District 4 seat held by Democrat Anthony Coghill. Mulvaney is running as a Green Party candidate. Continue reading

Minnesota capital city moves forward with reparations plan

The Rondo Days Parade marches through the Rondo neighborhood of Saint Paul, Minnesota, on July 21, 2018. Photograph by Tony Webster ST. PAUL, Mn. - The movement for reparations for Black Americans has seen greater urgency since the police killing of George Floyd last year. And in the state where he died, the effort to make amends has taken a big step. This week the St. Paul City Council unanimously approved a new commission to look at ways to produce financial reparations for descendants of chattel slavery who live in the capital city. Continue reading

With brutal memories of Standing Rock, Stop Line 3 campaigners wary of rule barring 'counterinsurgency tactics'

"I've been followed for hundreds of miles along the line by different trucks," said one Indigenous organizer. "I don't know if that's counterinsurgency, but it's certainly surveillance." Anticipating a repeat of the brutally repressive police and corporate crackdown on Indigenous-led protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock, Winona LaDuke—a longtime leader of the movement against the recently approved Enbridge Line 3 pipeline extension in Minnesota—told The Intercept in an article published Tuesday that campaigners have little faith in a state rule formally barring the use of "counterinsurgency tactics" against them.  Continue reading

Green Party plans out next steps after losing ballot line

The Capital PressroomNovember 18, 2020 When all the votes are counted, the Green Party of New York will likely not meet the new vote threshold to retain its ballot line. Gloria Mattera, co-chair of the New York State Green Party, discussed the next steps for the party and the left-wing efforts in the state. Continue reading

Democratic Party dirty tricks against the Greens

Voter suppression has become a real issue in recent years. Mostly, what we hear on voter suppression are Democrats correctly accusing Republications of disenfranchising people of color and poor and working-class people. I want to call your attention to the voter suppression activity by the Democratic Party in the 2020 election. In a number of states, Democrats actively tried to keep the Green Party off the ballot. Continue reading

N.Y.'s Green and Libertarian political parties in peril as Working Families Party avoids disaster

ALBANY, NY — It's not easy being Green. The Green Party of New York is feeling blue but vowing to fight on after failing to get enough votes in the presidential election to remain on the ballot in the Empire State. An election law overhaul related to New York's soon-to-be-implemented public matching funds program significantly increased the threshold needed for parties to retain their line on the state ballot ― a blow to a liberal third parties. Continue reading

On day after the election, protesters across Pennsylvania demand that each vote be counted

Protesters from various organizations march along Grant Street Wednesday night in Pittsburgh. Rallies across the state wanted to see every vote counted for the presidential election before a victor was named. Photo by Sally Maxzon As election workers in Pennsylvania continued to sift through mail-in ballots Wednesday night, rallies across the state drew protesters demanding that each vote is counted. Continue reading

Paglino offers takeaway from third-party bid

Green Party of Connecticut retains ballot status Green Party candidate Justin Paglino, a physician from Guilford, challenged incumbent Democrat Rosa Delauro for Connecticut's third House district. DeLauro beat back Paglino and her Republican challenger, real estate developer Margaret Streicker, with 54.7 percent of the vote. Continue reading