Sometimes considered spoilers, third parties keep focus on policies

Robin Laurain, co-chair of the Michigan Green Party, thinks of voters like pie. Half of the pie is made up of those who don't vote at all, and the other half is mostly split down the middle between Democrats and Republicans. "Then there's that little sliver on the side," Laurain said. "That's the third-party people." Continue reading

'Stop voting from a place of fear' – the other candidates deserve a hearing

"Which candidates are actually talking about measures that will change the system that enables police to continually murder Black people and other people of colour with impunity? The system, this system, is inherently flawed. And we are the only party talking about that." That's Angela Walker, Green Party candidate for vice-president. She's on the ticket in thirty states, yet most voters have never heard her name. Continue reading

Democratic Baltimore Councilman Zeke Cohen breaks ranks to endorse Green Party candidate Franca Muller Paz

Zeke Cohen, a Democratic member of Baltimore City Council, is endorsing Green Party candidate Franca Muller Paz in her bid to join the board. Muller Paz, a public school teacher, is trying to unseat Democratic Councilman Robert Stokes for the seat representing Baltimore's 12th District which covers areas of Central, East and North Baltimore. Continue reading

Green Party candidate shakes up state rep race

CHERRY VALLEY, Pa. – Michael Bagdes-Canning, a retired teacher and resident of Cherry Valley, has shaken up what was expected to be a sleepy re-election for State Representative Lee James. Written off by many at the start as a perennially third party candidate — his previous runs for the same seat had failed to break 3 percent of the vote — has unexpectedly captured the public conversation as the race enters its final days. Continue reading

The third party voter

Adrianne Mowry sits in a lawn chair at the Holly Hill Mall ­— an Alamance County early voting location — greeting voters and asking passerbys if they have voted. There is a sea of political paraphernalia: red and blue pickets line the walls, people wear candidate T-shirts and there is even a cardboard cutout of one candidate. Mowry stands out in this group because her T-shirt and signs are green. Mowry helps campaign for the North Carolina Green Party. She has been doing so for four years and is currently a delegate of the Green Party presidential nominating convention. Continue reading

Shame on major parties for shutting out others

With the massive spending and huckstering being done by the two major party presidential candidates, something is being lost in the mix. There are two other candidates who have a mathematical chance to win enough Electoral College votes to become the next president: Jo Jorgensen of the Libertarian Party and Howie Hawkins of the Green Party. They could both amass enough votes to win but were excluded from the debate stage. Why? Because the Commission on Presidential Debates, or CPD, is a wholly owned, nonprofit subsidiary of the Democratic and Republican parties. It stole the mantle of holding the debates from the League of Women Voters back in the 1980s in order to control the process front to back. Continue reading

The independent candidate who could decide the Senate

A Senate hopeful in Maine who would be a spoiler in any other race says the state's unusual voting system will help oust Susan Collins. Progressive independent Lisa Savage would be an obvious spoiler for a Democratic candidate in most races. But she vows her presence in Maine’s wild Senate contest won’t hurt Democrat Sara Gideon, and may even help. Continue reading

'I don't want to settle for the status quo'

In a deeply divided nation continuing to reel from COVID-19, emotions appear to be reaching a fever pitch as Joe Biden and Donald Trump stump for votes in the last days of the volatile presidential election campaign. Some voters say the situation is as much a function of the stranglehold Democrats and Republicans have over the election process as anything else. Their solution: vote for a third party. Continue reading

Third-party vote is not wasted

In recent opinion pieces, Joshua Holzer has suggested that a vote for a third party is a wasted vote and that their supporters should vote for the "lesser of two evils" — Joe Biden for president. Holzer is wrong factually and historically. First, Republicans see Donald Trump as the lesser evil. Should Libertarians and Constitutionalists vote for Trump? Continue reading

Savage says health care needs are Maine's top issue in Senate race

Independent U.S. Senate candidate Lisa Savage wants the country to have universal health care, specifically backing the Medicare for All. YARMOUTH, Maine — When you’re running as an underdog, any signs of support can be welcome. Lisa Savage says she has found support at farmers’ markets, like the one in Yarmouth, where one voter explained why he ranked her first.  “A lot of it is the outside money going into the other traces,” that voter told Savage during a recent visit, referring to the massive amounts of money going to the two parties' candidates in the race—close to $90 million as of October 1.  Continue reading