Covid-19 and the black working class

Black Agenda Radio with Margaret KimberleyApril 20, 2020 "Social distancing is sometimes not an option for us," said New York City activist Betty Davis at a Black is Back Coalition national teleconference. "When they close the schools, many working class people don't have a partner, so they have to rely on extended family." Coalition chairman Omali Yeshitela called Covid-19 "a colonial virus. Colonialism is when somebody else controls every aspect of your life," including your ability to resist a pandemic. Continue reading

Will the pandemic keep third parties off the 2020 ballot?

The pandemic may have robbed Donald Trump of a growing economy. It may have trapped Joe Biden in his basement. But it may yet do something even worse to the Libertarian and Green party nominees: keep them off the ballot in many of this year’s key states. In 2016, the Libertarian Party was on the general election ballot in all 50 states; this year, it has secured ballot access in just 35. Similarly, the Green Party—which in 2016 had its best election ever by making the ballot in 44 states, with another three states granting the party’s candidate official write-in status—has qualified for the November ballot in only 22 states. Continue reading

COVID-19 is killing minor parties' ability to get candidates on the ballot in Minnesota

State Sen. Scott Jensen, center, joined Independence Party Chair Phillip Fuehrer, far left; Minnesota Green Party Chair Trahern Crews, center left; and Libertarian Party Chair Chris Holbrook, center right; at a February press conference at the State Capitol to promote minor party ballot access. The most fertile places for Minnesota's minor political parties to gather signatures to get their candidates on the ballot are lakes and festivals. But COVID-19 has made both off-limits for party petitioners — and going door-to-door isn't a viable alternative. Continue reading

Third parties call for ballot access relief

PITTSBURGH – Much of politics is based on personal interactions, but in the midst of a global pandemic, such interactions can be potentially deadly. The COVID-19 outbreak has left third parties in Pennsylvania out in the cold, concerned that they may not be able to get on the ballot for key races in November due to an inability to collect signatures. "People aren't willing to take a pen, or a piece of paper" from a petitioner, national Libertarian Party executive director Daniel Fishman said. Additionally, Gov. Tom Wolf's stay-at-home orders — extended to all 67 of Pennsylvania's counties on Wednesday — have blocked petitioners from attending now-canceled public events or going door-to-door. Continue reading

Newark activist, Green Party candidate discuss Coronavirus crisis

Why was a state of emergency declared so quickly for COVID-19, but not for the city's lead water crisis? Newark Water Coalition co-founder Anthony Díaz and Madelyn Hoffman, the New Jersey Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate, discussed COVID-19 in Newark last week NEWARK, NJ – Why was a state of emergency declared so quickly for the new coronavirus, but not for Newark's lead water crisis? This question was one of several posed during a recent conversation between Newark Water Coalition co-founder Anthony Díaz and Madelyn Hoffman, the New Jersey Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in 2020. Continue reading

Lawsuit: Ease requirements for 3rd-parties in Georgia amid coronavirus

In a time of "social distancing" and the coronavirus, third-party candidates shouldn't have to go door-to-door collecting over 20,000 signatures to get on the ballot in Georgia, according to a federal lawsuit filed Thursday. The lawsuit by Libertarian Party and Green Party nominees for the U.S. House of Representatives asked a judge to reduce the signature requirement to account for days lost because of social distancing guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Continue reading

Coronavirus restrictions create problems for independent and third-party candidates seeking a place on the fall ballot

Photo Credit: Rich Whitney, state Green Party co-chair, greets people on a sidewalk in Chicago in 2010 when he was a candidate for governor.(Jos M. Osorio / Chicago Tribune) Tuesday marked the first day for independent and third-party contenders to start seeking voter petition signatures to make the November ballot, but their already difficult task has been made even tougher due to restrictions brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Even without any public health concerns, independent and third-party candidates had a tougher job to get on the ballot since they are required to get several times the signatures Republicans and Democrats need to qualify for their primary ballots. Continue reading

‘Virus or no virus, we can’t lose our voice’

Cheri Honkala on battling back in frontline communities Cheri Honkala has been organizing in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, one of the US’s most devastated, post-industrial communities, for over 30 years. As of the 2010 census, Kensington was 38.9 percent Hispanic of any race, 37.4 percent non-Hispanic white, 14.8 percent non-Hispanic Black, 6.2 percent Asian, and 2.7 percent all other. And it’s beginning to be threatened by gentrification. Continue reading

Amid the outbreak, Minnesota's minor political parties will struggle to get on the ballot

They must collect thousands of signatures for the petitions in Minnesota, a dangerous task amid the current pandemic. An executive order is needed. On March 14, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo suspended the signature-gathering process for candidates for political office in his state to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus, while at the same time reducing the number of signatures that will be required for each office this year by approximately 70%. Continue reading

Green Party of Philadelphia Elects 2020 Leaders

PHILADELPHIA – Meeting at Shissler Recreation Center in Fishtown, Philadelphia, on February 25, the membership of the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) elected a new City Committee for 2020. The new leadership is racially and sexually diverse, and includes people from a variety of neighborhoods. The new Green Party Chair Belinda Davis is from Chestnut Hill. Party Treasurer Hillary Kane is from Cedar Park. Green Party Membership Secretary Charles Sherrouse is from Oxford Circle East, while Party Recording Secretary Tre Schumacher is from Logan. Two of the three City Committee members at large are from Tacony, while the third is from Torresdale. Continue reading