Clinton Greens put forward nine candidates

CLINTON, Ct – Clinton's Green Party has announced several candidates poised to seek election in November, including some well-known names. Green Party Co-chairs Eric Bergman and Jim Connolly said in a joint statement: "We wish to thank all the people who responded to our open call for nominees for local offices. We are fielding candidates for the Town Council and all five of the town's elective boards and commissions. The Green Party of Clinton aims is to provide a forum for fresh ideas and independent-minded people who have been unaffiliated, Republican, and Democratic voters in our town." Continue reading

Green Party presidential candidates hold forum at Ball State

Six candidates seeking the Green Party’s presidential nomination took the stage at the L.A. Pittenger Student Center on Friday night. The candidates were hosted by the Green Party’s Black Caucus to speak on issues relevant to the African American community like social justice, reparations and police brutality. Candidates included longtime Green politician Howie Hawkins, self-described protest candidate David Rolde, activist Ian Schlakman, Youngstown Board of Education board member Dario Hunter, musician Chad Wilson and Dennis Lambert. Continue reading

Greens, unlike other third parties, call for an end to fusion voting

ALBANY, Ny — Most of the state's minor parties are on red alert as the state considers an end to fusion voting — both the Working Families and Conservative parties have filed lawsuits seeking to block the Public Campaign Financing Commission from even considering the subject. But one third party is urging the commission to abolish the practice. Continue reading

Frida Berrigan will crack open New London’s mayoral race

If, like me, you've been waiting for some fresh air and new ideas for New London politics, look no further than Green Party mayoral candidate Frida Berrigan. After spending a couple of fascinating hours chatting with Berrigan at her dining room table in her family's cozy house on a dense block of Connecticut Avenue, I came away with a new sense of enthusiasm for New London, a chance for a clean break with the monolithic single-party politics that has guarded the city's stagnant status quo for so long. Continue reading

New London Green Party fields council, school board candidates

NEW LONDON, Ct — The New London Green Party on Tuesday endorsed candidates for City Council and Board of Education. Green Party Chairwoman Ronna Stuller is running for a spot on the council and Sharmaine Gregor for school board. Stuller, co-founder of the Riverside Park Conservancy, served on the school board from 2009 to 2011, is a sitting member of the Planning and Zoning Commission and made an unsuccessful run at a state representative seat in 2016. Continue reading

BDS is a peaceful approach to change

The controversy over Israel's refusal to allow an official visit by two members of Congress highlights the negative effects of a misguided bipartisan attempt by representatives of both major political parties to attack and smear the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement for Palestinian rights and freedom. By an overwhelming margin in July, the House of Representatives passed a nonbinding resolution to condemn the BDS movement and to endorse an Israeli-Palestinian two-state solution. Legislatures in more than two dozen U.S. states have passed measures condemning the BDS movement or banning contracts with businesses involved with it. Continue reading

Elections Watchdog Seth Woolley Will Run for Portland City Council

Elections Watchdog Seth Woolley Will Run for Portland City Council Portland, Or. – Elections watchdog and Pacific Green Party activist Seth Woolley will run for Portland City Council in 2020. Over the past several years, Woolley, 38, a who works as a software engineer for Uber, has watch-dogged Portland's elections and filed election-laws complaints with city and state agencies, while pushing for better government. This is reflected in his platform of progressive election reform, government accountability and environmental protection. Continue reading

Green Party brings discussion of Green New Deal to Springfield

Insert photo above: Don Fitz, right, a member of the Green Party of St. Louis, comments on the Green New Deal at a panel discussion (Photo: Austin Huguelet/Springfield News-Leader) SPRINGFIELD, MO – In Missouri's halls of power, the Green New Deal is often used as a punching bag. When the state's dominant political party came together for its annual convention this year, Republicans like U.S. Rep. Ann Wagner blasted Democrats' wide-ranging plan to tackle climate change as a waste of money. Republicans who dominate Jefferson City agreed, writing resolutions urging the rest of Missouri's representatives to oppose the idea. Continue reading

Tongue-in-Cheek: Meet Carmella Mantello, Queen of the Greens

TROY, NY — The Democrats and Republicans in this town better watch out, because the Green Party is coming for them this fall. The Green's nominee for city council president, you see, is a well-known Troy politician with a solid following and a long history in government. She is really going to give those corporatist Republicrats the old heave-ho. Continue reading

Smith touts Green Party New Deal

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Green Party candidate Allen Smith brought his 9th Congressional District campaign to the Duke Energy Center in Uptown Charlotte on May 30. Smith and the Green Party want to see the multi-billion-dollar energy company, and other utilities like it, become publicly owned. Continue reading