Why third parties? Because power corrupts

Conway, AR – There is a legal case and a moral case against Senate Bill 163, which would make it harder for third parties to get on the ballot in Arkansas. The legal case may not be as strong as I thought it was, but the moral case ought to be strong enough. First the background. In Arkansas, parties can appear on the ballot by winning 3 percent of the vote in the previous presidential or gubernatorial election. Failing that, they can collect 10,000 signatures. Continue reading

Black Lives Matter Brooklyn pushes education reforms

Students in New York's public schools should be taught African-American history the entire year, not just during Black History Month, according to Anthony Beckford, who is leading an effort to change the state's education laws to make teaching the curriculum mandatory. Beckford, president and founder of Black Lives Matter Brooklyn, said improving the education system is the foundation for achieving racial equality. "It will eventually result in reducing racism," he told this newspaper on Jan. 30. Continue reading

Youngstown school board member sets sights on White House

Youngstown, Ohio – Dario Hunter revealed on his Facebook page Tuesday that he is launching an exploratory committee for the Green Party Presidential nomination in 2020. In a video where he calls himself unapologetically Black, proudly Gay, and proudly progressive, Hunter shared a platform that includes bringing an end to poverty, universal single-payer health care, full employment, and civil rights. Continue reading

Martinez expected to run for Soto’s state rep seat

New London, CT – School board member Mirna Martinez has emerged as the Green Party's likely candidate in the race to fill the soon-to-be vacated 39th District state representative seat. Martinez's candidacy received overwhelming support from fellow Greens and she is not expected to be challenged for the formal nomination at an upcoming convention, said New London Green Party Chairwoman Ronna Stuller. Continue reading

Outgoing delegate switches to Green Party

The Maryland Green Party will have its first lawmaker in Annapolis as outgoing Democratic Del. Shane Robinson declared he is switching party affiliations. "I think the Green Party allows for broader and more radical thinking on some of these issues that are so critical to humans on the planet today," Robinson said Monday in a phone interview an hour after officially changing his party registration. "Now that I'm leaving elected office … I'm looking to be in a party that more accurately matches what I would like to see the world become for my children and every generation that comes after them." Continue reading

Kahn talks to Glens Falls businesses in home stretch of campaign

GLENS FALLS, NY — With Election Day approaching, Green Party candidate for the 21st Congressional District Lynn Kahn made a last push Sunday in Glens Falls to get people out to vote. "It was a great day," Kahn said in the parking lot of Spektor Coffee Roasters, just before driving off to Westport in Essex County for a meeting with parents and local business owners. Continue reading

Measure TL – TL Stands for ‘To Lose’ Voter Choice

Cutting off your nose to spite your face isn’t good public policy.  Yet that is exactly what Measure TL would do to Santa Monica. Ostensibly a response to calls for fuller representation, Measure TL would reduce voter choice by limiting whom we can vote for.  But less choice does not equal more democracy. Then why is it happening? Continue reading

The Local Role Of Third Parties In The 2018 Midterms

Election Day is just two weeks way, and Washingtonians across the region are preparing to cast ballots. Not all of them, though, are voting for Democrats or Republicans. We check in with representatives from the Libertarian and Green Party, and find out why the D.C. Metro branch of the Democratic Socialists of America is running candidates for Advisory Neighborhood Commissions in Washington, D.C. Continue reading

A “Green” Breakthrough?

In overwhelmingly Democratic Baltimore, the June primary winners are generally treated like the de facto winners of the whole thing. But remember there are Republicans, Independents and Green Party candidates in many races who have been campaigning to woo voters in the general election. Continue reading

The rise of a multi-party system in Washington County

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - As the election approaches a 3rd party outside of the Republican and Democratic parties is emerging in Washington County. The Green Party is known for its focus on environmental and green initiatives. Although it has been around for a while, they are starting to make some noise in Washington County, almost completely covering the ballot. Continue reading