Congressional candidate Kenneth Mejia on going Green and growing up Fil-Am

The U.S. midterm elections are about two months away and California’s 34th Congressional District is looking to choose between a familiar incumbent and a new face in the upcoming November 6 election. On one end is current Rep. Jimmy Gomez of the Democratic Party who has represented the district in the House since 2017 and is working towards re-election in the Democratic majority area.  Before his election, Gomez served four and a half years in the California State Assembly. Continue reading

Wisconsin officials prepare for potential election hackers

MADISON, Wis. — A private vendor inadvertently introduces malware into voting machines he is servicing. A hacker hijacks the cellular modem used to transmit unofficial Election Day results. An email address is compromised, giving bad actors the same access to voting software as a local elections official. These are some of the potential vulnerabilities of Wisconsin's election system described by cybersecurity experts. Continue reading

New Arizona law keeps Libertarians, Greens off ballot — just as GOP wanted

Editor's Note: At least three Green candidates qualified for the ballot in Arizona; perhaps as many as eight. For the first time in more than two decades, Arizonans won’t have the option to vote for a Libertarian Party candidate for governor. And that’s exactly the way Republican lawmakers designed it. A law in effect for the first time in a statewide race makes it much harder for candidates of recognized minor parties to get their names on the general election ballot, either through petitions or write-in votes. Continue reading

Colorado's Redistricting Reforms Exclude Third Parties

Voters in Colorado will have an opportunity in November to give themselves a greater say in the state's redistricting process. But two ballot initiatives that would create "independent commissions" to redraw legislative districts seem deliberately crafted to exclude Coloradans who are members of third parties. Amendments Y and Z will ask voters if they want to create 12-member commissions for the purpose of redrawing congressional and state legislative districts, respectively, after the next national census. Redistricting in Colorado is currently handled by the state legislature.  Continue reading

Meet Elijah Manley, the 19-Year-Old Running for Broward County's School Board

“Because I’m young and just graduated high school, no one is more qualified than me." Activist and student Elijah Manley has lived in Broward County, Florida, his entire life, and he graduated from Fort Lauderdale High School in June 2017. He’s seen fellow students suffer from homelessness, food insecurity, gun violence, and sexual abuse — and he says he’s experienced all of that himself, too. The hardships, however, never deterred Elijah from fighting to survive or from fighting for others in his community. That’s exactly why he decided to run for a position on the school board in Broward County, the sixth-largest public school district in the country. Continue reading

Meet Cliff Willmeng, Who Could Be First Socialist Elected in Boulder County

Cliff Willmeng is the Green Party candidate for Boulder County commissioner. He's also a socialist, and he sees his possible win in the November election as "a game changer... . Coming into office as Boulder County's first socialist would be historic. I don't know how else to describe it." In discussing what a socialist Boulder County might look like for a recent Westword post, Boulder County Democratic Socialists of America co-chair Austin Bennett noted his organization's endorsement of Willmeng and Theresa Stets, a hopeful in House District 12. Bennett also stressed Boulder County DSA's close relationship with East Boulder County United, which Willmeng helped found, as well as his belief that local government would be improved if typical working folks had a fighting chance to win at the ballot box there. Continue reading

You have to hand it to the Green Party

Were the Greens the spoilers — yet again? So you might think, reading about Tuesday’s special election in the vacant Ohio 12th congressional seat, in which Republican Troy Balderson is ahead of Democratic opponent Danny O’Connor by the slimmest of margins — a mere 1,754 votes as of early Thursday. And so comes the familiar trope: Had it not been for the dastardly hippies voting Green, Balderson’s victory margin would have been far smaller, just 627 votes, assuming that all 1,127 Green voters would have opted for O’Connor. That tiny margin would have triggered an automatic recount under Ohio law. Continue reading

No, Alyssa Milano, Neither the Green Party nor Russians are to Blame for the Democrat’s Ineptitude

It has become as common as Donald Trump’s contemptuous tweets and Nancy Pelosi’s duplicitous smile. What I’m referring to is the maelstrom that erupts from the sheep who remain with her even though Hillary Clinton could care less about her hangers on. The minute some also-ran Democrat loses by a few thousand votes or a fraction of a percentage, the next day a gaggle of jackals take to social media to blame people who refuse to vote for the ever bankrupt Democrat part Continue reading

No, Alyssa Milano, the Green Party did not spoil Democrat Danny O'Connor's victory

COLUMBUS - A hotly contested congressional race in central Ohio turned everyone into a political pundit, including actress Alyssa Milano.  The "Charmed" actress known for giving the #MeToo movement a bigger microphone blamed supporters of Green Party candidate Joe Manchik for Democrat Danny O'Connor's presumably narrow loss.  Continue reading

The Utility of the RussiaGate Conspiracy

To the shock of many, Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential elections, becoming the 45th president of the United States. Not least shocked were corporate media, and the political establishment more generally; the Princeton Election Consortium confidently predicted an over 99 percent chance of a Clinton victory, while MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow (10/17/16) said it could be a “Goldwater-style landslide.” Indeed, Hillary Clinton and her team actively attempted to secure a Trump primary victory, assured that he would be the easiest candidate to beat. The Podesta emails show that her team considered even before the primaries that associating Trump with Vladimir Putin and Russia would be a winning strategy and employed the tactic throughout 2016 and beyond. Continue reading