With its first convention in 10 years, Montana's Green Party gets set to take another swing

More than 10 years after the Montana Green Party last held a convention, the party meets in Missoula this month with renewed enthusiasm. Party organizer Danielle Breck, who will graduate from the University of Montana this May with a degree in philosophy, says that in light of last year's election, she and other Greens feel they have more to offer progressives than Democrats do. "We think it's super-important that we have the progressive voice be heard," Breck says. "Even Democrats that have made it into the state Legislature, they're moderate, and we don't really feel like they represent us and our ideals." Continue reading

Can a Philly activist and ex-Green Party VP candidate fill a convicted state rep's seat?

Cheri Honkala, who went from living out of her car to running alongside Jill Stein as the vice presidential pick in the 2012 election, is confident that she'll soon represent parts of North Philadelphia in Pennsylvania's House of Representatives. There's one problem, though – as of now, her name won't be on the ballot come next month's special election looking to fill the seat. Continue reading